Quiz: How Diverse Is Agriculture

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People who work in agriculture come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. How much do you know about diversity among agriculture producers across the United States? Test your knowledge!

1. While the majority of U.S. farmers are white, Hispanic and Latino farmers make up the second-largest ethnic group. Of the 2,042,220 farms in the U.S., how many farms have producers (or people involved in making decisions for the operation) who are Hispanic, Latino or Spanish?

2. American Indian and Alaska Native producers make up another sizable ethnic group among U.S. farmers. How many farms have producers who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native?

3. The number of black and African-American farmers continues to grow. How many farms had black or African-American producers in the U.S. in 2017?

4. How many U.S. farms reported having Asian producers in 2017?

5. Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders represent a small ethnic group in U.S. agriculture. How many farms had Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander producers in 2017?

A. 35,470 (1.7%)

B. 18,338 (.9%)

C. 86,278 (4.2%)

D. 4,341 (.2%)

E. 60,083 (2.9%)

Answers: 1: C; 2: E; 3: A; 4: B; 5: D