Premier Chapter: Growing Leaders Winner: Hope FFA, Indiana

After recognizing a rise in suicides, Hope FFA was determined to create a cultural change. The chapter began a campaign titled “Go Live Yourself.” Members collaborated with their school administration to hold a convocation encouraging students to be better friends, partners and leaders. They also taught peers coping strategies and how to help others, as well as themselves. Hope FFA encourages everyone to find peace and help one another.

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Alumni Chapter of the Year Award Recipient

The West Rowan Alumni Chapter is the recipient of the Alumni Chapter of the Year Award. Madeline Wilhelm and Alex Sillyman represented the chapter on stage. Corryn La Rue interviewed Alex Sillyman, check it out below.

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Star Farmer Winner: Austin Stanton

Like a good bread recipe or a cowboy tall tale, farming is a tradition Austin Stanton’s family has passed through generations. After his ancestors’ emigration from Ireland nearly 200 years ago, Austin sustains his farming operation on the same land.

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Star in Agricultural Placement Winner: Ben Curtin

For Ben Curtin of the Taylorville FFA Chapter in Illinois, a crossroads of art and agriculture exists in his metalworking business. He started his supervised agricultural experience and business, Curtin’s Creations, during his sophomore year of high school after some encouragement from his ag teacher.

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Star in Agricultural Placement Winner: Colin Wegner

For Colin Wegner, family is the big motivator behind his career in agriculture. In high school, his FFA advisor told him to take advantage of the opportunity to be involved on the family farm. And so the native of Wells, Minn., did.

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