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Someone needs to turn raw materials into products and get them into consumers’ hands.

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What does this part of the food value chain look like?

What does this part of the food value chain look like?

The supply chain is a crucial step in the process of getting products from the farm to your table. During this step, the raw materials (Ex. cotton, soybeans, cattle, pigs, etc.) are turned into useable products for consumers.


Food Safety/Quality Assurance Manager

A quality assurance manager in the food safety arena is responsible for policy, strategy and testing methodology to meet regulatory authority compliance in regard to the company product. They also assist in setting quality standards and ensure that production is maintained at such standards. Additionally, they compute formulas, percentages or production specific factors using chemical and mathematical procedures. LEARN MORE


Cotton Gin/Warehouse Manager

A cotton gin and warehouse manager oversees all operations involved in cotton ginning processes, logistics with USDA Cotton Classing offices, logistics with procedures, storage and marketing of cotton bales. They are responsible for data management and reporting bale ID numbers and sample classing data. Additionally, they oversee gin safety protocols and procedures according to OSHA guidelines. LEARN MORE

Company Example

What are examples?

Cargill works hard to take the raw products that are produced on the farm and process those raw materials into products that meet the needs of today’s consumer. One example would be the production of high-quality beef products and by-products. In the following video, you will see how innovation in the handling of beef animals has led to a higher quality product.

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