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After determining trends in consumer preferences, research and development labs create innovative new procedures, products and solutions to solve problems.

Company Connection

What does this part of the food value chain look like?

What does this part of the food value chain look like?

At Corteva Agriscience™, innovation powers integrated solutions to meet farmers’ needs today, and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Through innovation, it provides products and services to produce what our food system demands, and to conserve resources and sustain land. Corteva Agriscience™ – Meet Our Scientists


Research Associate

Research associates perform and document research trials and projects under the supervision of a principal investigator. They work within agreed budgets and report deadlines as planned and coordinated by a research manager. Additionally, they utilize state-of-art technologies to complete research projects as they relate to a particular product. LEARN MORE


Product Development Food Scientist

A product development food scientist improves methods of processing, canning, freezing, storing, packaging and/or distributing food. They present and discuss processes and equipment findings with company management. LEARN MORE

Company Example

What are examples?

What are examples?

Corteva Agriscience™ utilizes research and development to develop products and technologies that move agriculture forward. Examples:

  • Looking at traits to increase sustainability, quality and higher yield potential
  • Developing new plants and hybrids through plant breeding
  • Developing new technologies to answer challenges in the agriculture industry
  • Creating biologicals – these products are added to seed to enhance plant protection and yield
  • Developing new digital solutions to help growers monitor their crop production through satellite imaging data, drones, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Providing innovative crop protection products, such as pesticides

SAE Connections

Agriscience Research SAE

SAE experiences that involve an investigation of materials, processes and information to establish a new knowledge or validation of previous research.


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