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Inputs like seed, machinery and data analysis are just some of the things needed to carry out the duties of the rest of the chain.

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What does this part of the food value chain look like?

At Corteva Agriscience™, providing agricultural chemicals, seeds and technology is a crucial role for being able to produce enough food for a growing population. Without these essential inputs food production would be much more of a challenge for our producers.


Seed Production Agronomist

Seed production agronomists are responsible for the management and execution of all phases of seed production. They are different from field agronomists in that they work specifically toward the creation of high quality seeds. Additionally, they complete duties such as signing grower contracts and collecting and inputting data for reports. LEARN MORE


Weed Scientist

Weed scientists play an important role in managing vegetation. This may include identifying weeds and learning how to combat them or determining how herbicides interact with plants. They also conduct research to diagnose problems in the field or establish weed management systems for private crop management or consulting companies. LEARN MORE

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What are examples?

With a focus on technology, Corteva Agriscience™, creates seed and crop protection products that increase productivity and profit for farmers while reducing risks to their business.

Watch this video from Corteva Agriscience™ to see what customers are saying about the products being supplied.

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