The Voice Finalist Brennley Brown Sings of Her Country Roots in National FFA Expo

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The Voice season 12 finalist Brennley Brown takes pictures with FFA members at the Tractor Supply exhibit in the National FFA Expo.

A long line of blue jackets formed across the dance floor at the Tractor Supply exhibit in the National FFA Expo to meet The Voice season 12 finalist Brennley Brown. She spent hours taking pictures and signing autographs with FFA members. Singing her unreleased music about her country roots allowed Brown to relate to kids her age. At just 16 years old, she is still in high school, yet she has starred on national television, played stadium concerts and works with Nashville’s music industry. Despite her success, she will insist she is just like other teenagers and wants to stay true to who she is.

Brown grew up in Apple Valley California on a ranch with horses and cows. She says it’s difficult to make a country music career in California, so she makes frequent trips to Nashville. While at an event in Nashville, she met with Tractor Supply. “I grew up going to Tractor Supply; with the horses we would go there to get supplies and I love the store. I told them I would love to support [FFA] in any way I can. So Tractor Supply reached out to me to come to national convention and meet the kids. I love FFA and what they do,” said Brown.

“My favorite part about today was meeting the kids and hearing where they are from. I travel a lot and love it, but I don’t get to meet a lot of people my age. I’m 16 and a lot of [the FFA members] are as well,” said Brown, “It’s incredible to see how smart they are and how bright their futures are.”

Brown’s parents introduced her to the classic country sounds of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. She started singing and playing guitar at a young age. “I’m releasing my first single in January, and my EP [Extended Player album] is going to follow that. Each song is a different story of where I came from. One of the songs is ‘Roots and Boots,’ and I played it today at Tracto