Unit 1: Career Exploration

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Unit Objective: Explore the 8 pathways of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource (AFNR) career clusters.

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Careers in Agricultural Science

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Explore what Confucius meant when he said, ?Find a job that you love and you?ll never work a day in your life? in this unit consisting of 11 lessons. Through independent research students will learn about the eight pathways of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource (AFNR) career cluster and learn how to turn passion into profit.

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Bell Ringers for the Agricultural Science Classroom

This document serves as a resource to agricultural educators and advisors to incorporate quick ways in which to engage students at the beginning of each scheduled time block (i.e. class, FFA meetings, etc.).

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SAE Idea Cards

The purpose of the SAE Idea Cards is to assist students with coming up with ideas for SAEs. There are 360 SAE ideas in nine different focus areas that can be downloaded or used online. Each career area provides ideas for all six SAE types, which are Entrepreneurship/Ownership, Placement, Research, School-Based Enterprise, Service-Learning and Exploratory.

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