Unit 1: Human Safety

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Unit Objective: Create a safe learning environment in the classroom, laboratory, and virtual environment.

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Introduction to Agricultural Science

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-This unit, consisting of 28 lessons, plants the seed of discovery by giving an overview of agriculture. Watch your students grow into confident speakers, team builders, and learners as they examine their perceptions of agriculture, their role as consumers and stewards and the science behind it all.

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Food Science

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Do your students know where their food comes from? This unit is sure to clear up any misconceptions they might have! Trace the pathway from processing to the global food chain in 26 lessons to illustrate its impact on consumers.

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Middle School Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum

This middle school curriculum includes more than 150 free lesson plans-that's a year's worth of introductory agriculture content bundled into one location. These lessons are great for building your students' agricultural literacy and awareness and their appreciation for it.

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Turn-key resources to help teach the content of the CDE/LDE in the classroom at the basic level. (This is not a how-to win the national contest).

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