Many educators, parents, and industry leaders expect students to develop essential skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, and personal development. Some of these skills are inherent components of classroom and FFA activities, but many more could be integrated into agricultural education programs if teachers had access to the resources needed for a targeted, measurable approach to leadership, personal growth, and career success. Welcome to LifeKnowledge. Real lessons for real life.

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Recruitment and Retention

Rev It Up is a toolkit of materials focusing on recruitment, engagement and volunteerism for rural youth. (The ?REV? stands for Recruitment, Engagement and Volunteerism.). PDF versions of a student promotional guide and printable brochures are available for download. The student promotional guide is designed to help FFA students promote FFA and recruit new members. Marketing suggestions, tested ideas and tidbits of surprising FFA facts are all included so you can make the most of your recruitment efforts. Use it as a guide for the basic information and add your own touches to customize it for your FFA chapter.

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Student Handbook

This resource is a companion to the Official FFA Student Handbook (16th Edition) released in 2017. It provides information to facilitate student learning of FFA material and involvement opportunities. Features of the resource include: -Designed to make efficient use of classroom time and engage students at a high level. -Contains lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, worksheets, questions, vocabulary and discussion topics. -Everything you need to teach new students about FFA. -Lesson plans that help cover the highlights of FFA.

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