Darling Ingredients Educational Resources

Dive into the world of agricultural byproducts and sustainability by learning about Darling Ingredients, one of the world’s leaders in utilizing sustainable ingredients and maximizing the use of natural resources.

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Floral Shop SAE Video

Peek into this floral shop supervised agricultural experience (SAE)to motivate your students to try new opportunities in FFA by learning about a unique SAE.

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Humane Society SAE Video Lesson

Have your students ever visited an animal shelter or the local humane society? This lesson gives them a chance to see a student in action through her SAE at the local humane society where she provides treats and toys to the animals and works with them on their obedience and training.

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Market Swine SAE Video

Learn to step out of your comfort zone and start a new SAE raising market swine for show and food purposes. Kaylie’s SAE has taught her how to care for other living creatures and will help her with her future career as a nurse.

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