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Portrait of 2017-18 National FFA Officer Team

With more than 700,170 FFA members in 8,612 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the National FFA Organization has a strong presence as the largest student-led organization in the nation.

The National FFA Board of Directors and the National FFA Officer Team work together on matters of policy, long-range strategy and fiscal oversight of the organization. National FFA staff implements their recommendations.

FFA looks to its mission as it develops programs and creates opportunities for FFA members. National FFA staff is focused on engaging students, supporting advisors and telling the FFA story by growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture.

2018-19 National FFA Officers

1 - Kolesen McCoy - President - Ohio_Thumbail

Kolesen McCoy

2 - Kourtney Lehman - Secretary - Oregon_Thumbail

Kourtney Lehman

3 - Yomar Roman - Southern - Puerto Rico_Thumbail

Yomar Roman
Southern Region Vice President
Puerto Rico

4 - Mamie Hertel - Central - Montana_Thumbail

Mamie Hertel
Central Region Vice President

5 - Tess Seibel - Eastern - Virginia_Thumbail

Tess Seibel
Eastern Region Vice President

6 - Lyle Logemann - Western - New Mexico_Thumbail

Lyle Logemann
Western Region Vice President
New Mexico

National FFA Board of Directors Leadership

Dr. Steve A. Brown

Dr. Steve A. Brown
National FFA Advisor & Board Chair

Sherene R. Donaldson

Sherene R. Donaldson
National FFA Executive Secretary

William "Buddy" Deimler

William (Buddy) Deimler
National FFA Treasurer

National FFA Executive Management

Mark Poeschl

Mark Poeschl
Chief Executive Officer
National FFA Organization
National FFA Foundation

Dave Schapker

Dave Schapker
Chief Financial Officer
National FFA Organization
National FFA Foundation

Molly Ball

Molly Ball
National FFA Foundation

Christine White

Christine White
Chief Program Officer
National FFA Organization

National FFA Board of Directors

The National FFA Organization is led by the direction and policy set by the National FFA Board of Directors. The board consists of the national FFA advisor, four state supervisors of agricultural education and four representatives of the United States Department of Education with expertise and job duties in agricultural education. An executive secretary and treasurer serve as ex-officio members.

Meet the Board
Board Minutes

National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees - 2017

The National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees is the governing body of the foundation and consists of volunteers from business and industry, education, FFA alumni and supporters and individual donors.

First Row (left to right): Jay Vroom, Krista Pontius, John Niemann, Susanne Wasson, Lyle Orwig, Breanna Holbert, Robert “Bobby” Torres and Linda Tank

Second Row (left to right): Robert Schmidig, Brian Field, Charlene Finck, Jeff Hicken, Jon C. Simonsen, William “Buddy” Deimler, Ronnie Simmons, Terrie Shank, Dr. Steve A. Brown and Vern Hawkins

Absent: Sherene Donaldson, Mark Poeschl, Terry Rieckman, David Schapker and Bruce Watkins

National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board

Foundation Sponsors Board Photo

The National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board is made up of individual volunteers who are leaders from business and industry. During their service, sponsors’ board members are integral in helping National FFA strengthen and develop corporate partnerships with others in business, industry and organizations to provide support.


National FFA Foundation Individual Giving Council

Individual Giving Council

The National FFA Foundation Individual Giving Council is a group of volunteers consisting of individual donors, alumni and supporters, and business leaders. The council is key in assisting the National FFA Foundation in identifying and growing opportunities to provide financial resources in support of National FFA and agricultural education.

Top Row: Jay Vroom, Corey Rosenbusch, Ken Allen, W. Dwight Armstrong, Ph.D., Steve Barr, Tom Dille

Bottom Row: Brian Field, Brian Harvey Hogue, Katrina Jones, Jim Loar, Bruce Maloch, Kevin Ochsner, Clint Pilcher


National FFA Alumni and Supporters

Alumni Advisory Committee

Top Row: Zach Classen, Taylor Wiseman (Chair), Jon Ramsey, and Jacobi Bedenfield.

Middle Row: David Townsend, Gregory Willoughby, Glenda Summers, and Chandler Vaughan

Bottom Row: Leon Busdieker, Sid Freeman, Bryce Cluff, and Bill Davenport

Josh Rusk

Joshua Rusk
Executive Director, National FFA Alumni and Supporters

Advisory Committee