FFA in the USA: Spring 2018

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FFA membership has reached a record-breaking 653,359 members from the state of Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands and from the state of Maine to Hawaii! Chapters are doing amazing things to recruit new members while engaging and retaining current ones. Here are the latest membership numbers by state, along with some of the exciting things chapters and states are doing to build on their membership success.

14,325 members
As part of its state convention, the Alabama FFA Association annually recognizes FFA chapters that obtain 100 percent membership. Chapters host tailgates or cookouts, trips to the Sunbelt Ag Expo and other fun events for members.

258 members

9,433 members
Westwood FFA visits its feeder junior high school to showcase FFA and the chapter’s activities, which include a Halloween festival and icebreaker, land lab workdays and days of service.

11,895 members

87,209 members
California FFA uses the Three-Component Model to engage members. The experience starts in the classroom, where students are able to receive college preparatory credits and meet graduation standards. There are also leadership and work-based opportunities.

5,897 members

3,285 members

3,688 members

16,693 members
Buffalo Creek FFA hosts a CDE Day for fifth-grade students at a local elementary school. The event introduces the students to the contests they can participate in once they’re in middle school.

41,408 members
Jefferson Middle FFA members kick off the school year with an event to give prospective students an opportunity to check out an FFA meeting before joining.

345 members

4,810 members
Hagerman High School’s agriculture department retains members with its double greenhouse. The hands-on community garden, maintained by FFA members, funds the FFA chapter and is also part of a farm-to-table classroom experience.

17,393 members
Pontiac FFA has developed “FFA Live,” a public relations campaign to attract and inform members, their families, alumni and the community about chapter events. The campaign includes a series of member created video blogs shared on social media.

12,514 members
Many chapters in Indiana have engaged members with a reward system in which they earn points for every event they attend. At the end of the year, the members with the most points attend a rewards trip.

14,896 members

9,209 members
Chapman FFA hosts Greenhand Greetings, which includes a Freshman Frenzy where members
visit the homes of all incoming freshmen enrolled in agricultural education and give them an Official FFA Manual, the chapter constitution, Program of Activities and an officer contact list.

14,617 members
The Jackson County FFA Chapter holds an annual Donkey Basketball game that engages the community.

9,420 members
Ponchatoula FFA sponsors a back-to-school FFA tailgate for all members before the school’s football season opener. This gives upperclass students a chance to meet and encourage new members.
368 members

2,322 members

1,991 members
Massachusetts FFA encourages involvement by offering leadership conferences and opportunities to compete in 45 different CDEs and LDEs.

7,715 members

10,404 members
Sleepy Eye FFA hosts junior high fun nights and an annual lock-in dedicated to encouraging and engaging younger members to join the chapter.

3,627 members

25,426 members
Missouri FFA hosts statewide Greenhand motivational conferences that help students learn
about CDEs and leadership opportunities, and network. The state also hosts Helping Youth Maximize their Agricultural eXperience, a weekend camp that is designed for Greenhand
members to help ignite their passion for FFA and agriculture.

5,074 members
Each year, Montana FFA invites representatives from the Montana State University Agricultural
Education department to speak with students about careers in agriculture and agricultural education to illustrate where FFA can lead them.

7,807 members
Boyd County FFA recruits members through a summer event called New Found Leaders. Attendees enjoy a day on the river and learn about FFA.

2,547 members
Nevada state officers travel more than 2,000 miles to visit every chapter in the state and to encourage all students to become active FFA members.

New Hampshire
461 members
Chapters engage members by holding events for middle schoolers – in particular, eighth-graders – to spark their passion for agriculture.

New Jersey
2,507 members
Freehold FFA hosts a Greenhand conference to help freshmen discover the opportunities in FFA.

New Mexico
3,389 members

New York
4,130 members

North Carolina
19,301 members

North Dakota
5,389 members
Belfield FFA hosts a junior high ag day for neighboring schools. Participants learn about CDEs, topics in agriculture and leadership skills through hands-on experiences with other junior high
students and chapter/state officers.

24,705 members
The Northeastern FFA engages its members with an annual powder-puff football game, which has raised almost $42,000 in five years for its local Breast Cancer Endowment fund.

26,798 members
Tecumseh FFA hosts an annual mud volleyball tournament at the beginning of the school year to welcome new members to the program.

6,203 members

12,931 members
At Midd-West FFA, all new agricultural education students and their families are invited to an
Ag Open House and Back 2 School BBQ to tour the agricultural education facilities, learn about FFA programs and activities, and get ideas to help them begin their SAEs.

Puerto Rico
2,625 members

Rhode Island
112 members
State officers help chapters recruit students from outside the district into their career and technical programs and FFA chapters. Members are encouraged to be involved in contests and activities sponsored by the state officers.

South Carolina
7,030 members
State officers facilitate Chapter Officer Workshops, where students are taught how to effectively plan, host and facilitate their own workshops.

South Dakota
4,626 members

13,671 members
McGavock FFA conducts Pet Friday to recruit members. Once FFA members pay their dues, they are eligible to sign up for the Pet Friday schedule, allowing them to bring their pet to class on a Friday of their choice. In total, 30 interesting pets were presented this year, including a guide dog for the blind.

119,690 members
Texas FFA has placed the FFA experience into members’ hands through the innovative app and website MyTexasFFA.org.

U.S. Virgin Islands
55 members

7,084 members

311 members

8,572 members
Throughout the year, James River FFA officers host mini-CDEs at each chapter meeting to encourage member participation.

10,728 members
Yelm FFA organizes recruitment seminars in the fall and spring to educate members, potential. Members and their parents about opportunities available in FFA. FFA 101 covers the benefits of becoming a member, while FFA 102 details career and leadership development event competitions and SAE pathways.

West Virginia
4,629 members

20,867 members

Wisconsin FFA is on a 38-year high for membership. State officers visit every school within their respective section and put on Sectional Leadership Workshops to educate chapter officers.

2,969 members

Thank you, state officers, for providing news and events for your states. Members, submit your chapter updates.