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Where can I download the FFA emblem?

The FFA emblem is available for non-commercial use in the downloads section of the FFA Media & Brand Center for logged-in users. Be sure to follow the Official Board Policy on FFA Trademarks when using the emblem. Interested in licensing the FFA emblem? Learn more.

Where can I download the FFA brand templates?

Find templates for many applications with the correct FFA branding in the Downloads area.

Why did the FFA emblem change?

As FFA embarked on a redesign of the FFA website and a new strategy to ensure consistent branding across all of its communication platforms, the original plan was to stay with the FFA emblem in use since 1989. But after taking a closer look at the files and production specifications related to the emblem, it became clear that refreshing the iconic mark may be necessary. With approval from the National FFA Board of Directors, the decision was made to investigate how a refreshed emblem could both continue to symbolize the highest level of excellence in agricultural education and provide quality production standards that are important and central to our brand.

Can I share the FFA emblem for a special project?

While alterations to the design of the FFA emblem are never permitted, we do approve some variations for special cases. Contact us, we’d love to help!

Where can I find FFA-branded T-shirts, hats and other gifts?

We’re proud to offer a one-stop shop for FFA-branded merchandise. Check out Shop FFA for more!

I can’t find what I’m looking for. What should I do?

Sorry about that! Send us an email and we’ll get you the help you need!

Can I send the FFA emblem to a sponsor to use?

Great question! This case is actually not allowed under the Official Board Policy on FFA Trademarks.

As a trademark owner, National FFA Organization is obligated to protect against unauthorized or potentially confusing uses of its trademarks and therefore carefully manages their commercial use. No one can use the FFA marks for a commercial purpose without the express written permission of National FFA Organization.

A local chapter may not use the FFA marks for commercial purposes; nor may a chapter, state association, state foundation, National FFA Foundation, member, or alumni chapter grant such rights, either actual or implied, to any third party.

But don’t worry! We have a team ready to help you through this. Contact us to get started: 1-888-332-2589 or licensing@ffa.org

Can I license the FFA emblem?

Yes! Licensing the FFA emblem is only available with the National FFA Organization. There are various levels of licensing with the National FFA Organization depending on the desired customer base you are seeking.

In connection with all commercial co-venture marketing promotions benefiting the National FFA Organization, it is requir