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National FFA Alumni and Supporters


National FFA Alumni and Supporters membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting and promoting agriculture, agricultural education and the FFA on the local, state and national level.

If you are proud of FFA and want to help local FFA members acquire knowledge and experience from agricultural education and FFA activities – the FFA Alumni is for you! FFA advisors and members all across the country rely on FFA Alumni volunteers to help support their chapters through the gifts of time, talent and resources. Give back your skills, starting at the local level.

Agricultural education programs rely on volunteers to assist in getting community support and to give teachers more time and freedom to do what they do best—teach students. Join us!

Membership Brochure
Life Membership


Lifetime membership is a one-time investment in the future of our organization. Your investment ensures that the FFA will be around for future generations of agriculturalists and to help us reach as many members as we possibly can so that they can exert an influence in their home and community. Alumni members receive a membership card, a membership certificate, a lifetime subscription to FFA New Horizons magazine, the ability to attend personal and professional development conferences and conventions, and additional sponsor benefits.

*plus $10 processing fee and corresponding state and/or local dues

Life Membership
Annual Membership

$10 annually*

Annual membership is open to anyone interested in supporting and advocating for FFA, agricultural education, agriculture or volunteerism through their gifts of time, talent, and financial resources on a yearly basis. Annual members receive FFA New Horizons magazine, the ability to attend personal and professional development conferences and conventions, plus additional member benefits.

*plus corresponding state and/or local dues

Associate Membership


Effective 2012/2013 membership year, the delegate body adopted Associate membership as a free five year national membership provided annually to potential members that are graduating or have recently graduated from high school. Contact us for details.

Associate Membership

$100 annually per local affiliate*

The membership affiliation program is designed to easily mobilize volunteers to support local agricultural education programs and their FFA chapters. This program allows affiliates to provide membership, services and benefits to an unlimited number of volunteers/supporters for one fee while keeping the rest of their funds right at home for their local programs.

*plus any state fees that may apply; annual fee waved if local affiliate has at least 25 life members


Step Two: Follow the instructions below in the pdf to join alumni. If you have questions, give us a call at (888)332.2668 and press option 5 for login help on or option 3 for membership questions.

Self Registering as an Alumni Member (link to

How to Join
2017-18 National FFA Alumni Council

Former FFA members and interested adults are a natural, supportive resource for FFA advisors and their students. A National FFA Alumni and Supporters chapter helps to rally the local community around agricultural education and FFA activities.

FFA alumni chapters also provide a helping hand to FFA advisors in coordinating activities for the local FFA chapter.

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2017-18 National FFA Alumni Council

The National FFA Alumni and Supporters Advisory Committee serves as an advisory council to National FFA Alumni professional staff, and is comprised of individuals from across the country including region-specific positions.

  • Committee Nomination Form
  • Handbook
  • Meeting Minutes

Our roots date to 1971 when we were created as an association within the National FFA Organization with a primary purpose to support and promote FFA, FFA activities, and agricultural education on local, state and national levels.

Our members are committed to three priorities: supporting FFA students, supporting FFA advisors, and telling the FFA story.

Professional staff at the national level headed by the National FFA Alumni and Supporters Executive Director are supported by the National FFA Alumni and Supporters Advisory Council, and provide leadership, direction and resources for both state, local and non-traditional FFA alumni and supporters organizations.

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