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Advertising and marketing are used to inform customers of their purchase options and lead them into stores.

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What does this part of the food value chain look like?

What does this part of the food value chain look like?

Have you ever seen a commercial for a new product being sold at the grocery store? Or maybe you have your own business, or know someone who does, and are in need of new products to make that business thrive. Chances are there was a specific plan put into place to market that product to meet the needs of the possible viewer of that commercial or marketing campaign. Within this step of the food value chain, it is important for the industry to share their products with consumers to let them know about the benefits of the product and how the product can meet their needs.


Food Stylist

A food stylist designs, prepares and styles food for photography or an on-air demonstration. They will consult with marketing and food production as to which foods should be photographed. They also may at times conduct live demonstrations at industry or private events. Furthermore, they will maintain and clean the test kitchen or demonstration area as well as any cooking equipment. LEARN MORE


Agriculture Broadcaster

Agriculture broadcasters use radio or television to report on stories that are relevant to agriculture viewers but may also be used by regional and national outlets reaching non-agriculture viewers. They collect and organize agriculture from news wires and other sources to share with viewers and listeners. They also help determine editorial content of network programming and aid in the production of audio promotional, commercial and value-added information. LEARN MORE

Company Example

What are examples?

Within the Cargill line, there are a series of end products that are produced. Anything from chocolate to corn meal to fish feed. Once that product has been produced, it is ready to be advertised and marketed to the various consumers. One specific example would be the partnership Cargill has with the Ferrara Candy Company.

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