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Here, the raw materials needed for the end products are produced. Crops are grown, livestock is raised, oil is drilled and coal is mined.

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What does this part of the food value chain look like?

Syngenta is focusing their efforts on mitigating agriculture’s impact on climate change while accelerating innovation for farmers, nature and society. Syngenta develops innovative crop protection, chemicals and seeds to meet industry challenges head on.


Apiary Worker/Beekeeper

An apiary worker, often called a beekeeper, maintains and manages colonies of honeybees for the production of honey as well as to provide pollination services. Beekeepers will also construct hives, replace combs and collect and package any hive products including honey, beeswax and pollen. Additionally, they must maintain strict control over diseases and pests and identify and report hive health concerns. LEARN MORE


Fisheries Technician

A fisheries technician oversees and assists in the daily work to be completed at a fishery. They ensure fish are well and fed and are responsible for general maintenance around the facility. Additionally, they assist biologists and technicians in various natural resource management or research activities. They also provide technical support and assistance to personnel engaged in fish production and freshwater mussel propagation. LEARN MORE

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What are examples?

Syngenta works hard to ensure a safe and affordable food supply. Learn about one of the products that Syngenta helps to produce coffee.

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Syngenta is enhancing biodiversity and protecting waterways while ensuring safe, nutritious and responsible food production. Syngenta is focusing its efforts on mitigating agriculture’s impact on climate change while accelerating innovation for fa