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DISH Ambassador Program

The National FFA Organization (FFA) has teamed up with DISH to launch a new ambassador program that enables FFA members to generate money for their chapters by referring friends and family to DISH.

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Capstone Curriculum Facilitator Guide

Your state may choose to provide an in-person, workshop-style training. It is meant to feel like a professional development experience found in many professional workplaces. Use this curriculum and materials as desired by the staff and/or state officers in your state.

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Study-Guide Bookmark

Habitudes For The Journey: The Art of Navigating Transitions is coming to 2018-2019 retiring state officers as a gift from the National FFA Organization! A bookmark offering a suggested sequence, timeline, and focused reflection prompts for each image is provided with the book and the provided link.

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Mentor Guide

Engaging a mentor in this transition process is invaluable as you move to the next phase of life. Challenge your mentor to help you dig deeper into your state FFA officer experience by partnering with self-reflection and mentor guides. It is not required for you to have a mentor to complete the self-reflection guide but encouraged for a higher value capstone experience.

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Self Reflection Guide

Intentional self-reflection is a great way to honor the experience of state FFA office, decipher what the experience provided and how it effects your future. Expect to be personally challenged as you unpack your year of service, and if you’ve identified a mentor, there are parallel resources to use together to deepen reflection and application.

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State Officer Podcasts

In parliamentary procedure, a motion to reconsider allows us to bring back a matter that has already been voted on, even after the final gavel tap. Welcome to Reconsidered – a podcast allowing us time to look back at the experiences, relationships, and skills gained through the FFA in order to make the most of our future. The final tap of the gavel has sounded; let’s explore a motion to reconsider…

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National Quality Program Standards Survey Tool

State staff access to the aggregate data teachers are entering as they evaluate their total program according to the Council’s standards for a High Quality Agricultural Education Program.

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State Staff Keynote Recommendation Form

During the 2018 State Officer Summit, state staff in attendance recommended a shareable document for each other to keep track of keynote speakers to aid state staff in planning for conventions or other events. If you need ideas for keynote speakers or have had a great experience with one, take a look and update as you see fit.

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