Food For America

Food For America is an educational program focusing on agricultural literacy in elementary schools and communities. It is a program developed to assist FFA members and all agricultural education students in leadership skill development as they reach out to youth, peers and their entire communities by sharing the world of agriculture. Each unit has primary, upper elemtary lessons and a demonstration plan. Primary lessons are written for high school students to deliver to students in grades K-3. Upper elementary lessons are written for high school students to deliver to students in grades 4-6. Demonstration plans are hands-on activities for all ages to get students involved and learn by doing. They are set-up in an easy to follow bulleted format.

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Food Science

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Do your students know where their food comes from? This unit is sure to clear up any misconceptions they might have! Trace the pathway from processing to the global food chain in 26 lessons to illustrate its impact on consumers.

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Educational Standards Alignment

These educational standards alignment documents serve as guidelines to validate the topics to which they align. Educational standards are aligned to objectives and projected content and/or activities.

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Middle School Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum

This middle school curriculum includes more than 150 free lesson plans-that's a year's worth of introductory agriculture content bundled into one location. These lessons are great for building your students' agricultural literacy and awareness and their appreciation for it.

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