When I Grow Up-Discover Ag Careers

When I Grow Up-Discover Ag Careers is a resource developed by American Farm Bureau Ferderation. Use this resoruce to explore careers in agriculture, food and natural resources with students in grades 6-8.

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Unit 4: Environmental Impact

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Unit Objective: Identify environmental impacts related to plant production

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Plant Science

Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum-Use these 12 lessons as a platform for emphasizing how plants are more than just food. Explore the anatomy, the by-products and the innovative growing methods that define a plant?s life cycle.

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Renewable Fuels

he Renewable Fuels instructional materials were created for educators to use with students to develop a solid foundational understanding of renewable fuels. The six units of curriculum include information ranging from definitions of ethanol and processes within the ethanol industry to the exploration of career opportunities in renewable fuels.

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