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FFA Chapters Make an Impact

Across the country FFA chapters are making an impact in their community. Here are a few examples of what it looks like to identify a community need and create a project to meet that need.


Greensburg FFA, Indiana

The chapter created a “Safety Series” to promote grain bin, firearm and water safety while working with the local fire department and conservation officers. Over 40 community members attended their water safety demonstrations and first-aid trainings.

Dayton FFA, Texas

To raise awareness and money for adult diabetes, FFA members co-hosted their local Sugar Shaker 5K Run. The chapter members helped with set up, registration and manning the water stations along the running route.

Centennial FFA, Nebraska

To reduce the amount of flooding and erosion in their community, FFA members partnered with the Natural Resource District. They worked together to drill filter strips near local rivers and streams and reseeded the river banks with native plants and pollinators.

Hiland FFA, Ohio

As part of the chapter’s Acts of Kindness project, FFA members wanted to make a difference and get to know their neighbors. The chapter spent several afternoons helping homeowners rake, blow and bag leaves in addition to other home maintenance activities.