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Living to Serve - Awards

Living to Serve Grants provide an opportunity for FFA chapters and state FFA associations/foundations to seek funding to support various types of service projects through a competitive application process.

Applicants must identify a community need that falls within one of four focus areas: community safety; hunger, health and nutrition; environmental responsibility; or community engagement.

Yearlong Grants

Apply Now! This grant provides middle/high school FFA chapters with up to $3,000 to support a service-learning project that spans an entire school year. Read more on how to access this grant application.

Semester-long Grants

This grant provides middle/high school FFA chapters with up to $1,200 per semester to implement a service-learning project in their community for one semester.

Day of Service Mini-Grants

Apply now! This grant provides alumni or middle/high school chapters with up to $400 to conduct a one-time service event.

All grants are available for projects based on duration and scope.

Living to Serve Grants Application Dates
Application Type Application Open Application Due Award Notification
Yearlong Living to Serve Grant April 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 Aug. 1, 2020
Fall Semester- Long Living to Serve Grant Aug. 3, 2020 Sept. 3, 2020 Sept. 15, 2020
Spring Semester-Long Living to Serve Grant Dec. 15, 2020 Feb. 1, 2021 Feb. 15, 2021
Day of Service Mini-Grant Always Open First of Each Month 15th of each month
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