Licensing & Cause Related Marketing



Studies show that two-thirds of Americans have greater trust in companies that are aligned with a worthy cause. 

By engaging with FFA, you are helping FFA make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

As the country’s largest student organization, our members are the future — trained leaders representing everything from family farms to corporate enterprise, earning $4 billion annually through hands-on work experience alone. Impress and showcase your brand to up-and-coming consumers, employees, and leaders while displaying support and solidarity in a valuable and trusted organization.

By partnering with FFA and combining the strengths of our brands, your company can capture the attention of millions of current and former members, supporters and followers of our organization. The visibility and financial support generated from our partnership allows FFA the chance to continue making our positive difference in the lives of students.

Getting Started

To protect the name and values of the National FFA Organization (FFA) as well as the many reputable companies already entered into agreements with us, only companies that can exhibit a commitment to the FFA brand, have established production and distribution capabilities, and/or offer a new or unique product will be granted the opportunity to obtain a FFA licensing or cause-related agreement.

The application process is divided into three steps, and typically takes 30-45 days to complete. All National FFA Organization licensees are obligated to maintain general liability insurance.

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Trademark Licensing

With brands of immediate recognition, loyal and enthusiastic members and alumni, FFA licensed products offer competitive advantages in the consumer marketplace. Each year, new youth and adults enter one of our many programs, exposing thousands to the strength of the FFA mission and vision.

Licensing is when a company pays a fee to use our brand on products. Licensing with the National FFA Organization is only available with the National FFA Organization. There are various levels of licensing with the National FFA Organization depending on the desired customer base you are seeking.

Licensing programs can be tailored to your specific needs. Opportunities include selling wholesale on commercial markets, selling at retail (including e-commerce), selling directly to local chapters or state associations and selling directly to a single chapter or state association.

Commercial Co-Ventures

A commercial co-venture with the National FFA Organization is a unique business project or marketing campaign between a for-profit business and the National FFA Organization. These projects generate shared awareness and revenue for our cause while increasing revenues for the supporter.

Commercial co-venture ideas include point of sale transactions (active or passive), messaging campaigns, purchase or action-triggered campaigns, employee engagement efforts and other digital programs.

In connection with all commercial co-venture marketing promotions benefiting the National FFA Organization, it is required that the corporate partners help raise awareness and educate the general public on the importance of Agricultural Education and FFA. We ask that all of our commercial co-venture marketing partners to publish the National FFA Organization’s website, and our proud to support logo on all partner promotions, events marketing packaging and related advertising materials.

Protecting the FFA Brand

FFA has the sole and exclusive right to use its proprietary marks, but a failure to regulate the use of these marks by third parties may result in their passing into the public domain and out of FFA control. The protection and enforcement of FFA trademarks and the FFA brand requires centralization to know which uses of the marks and brand are infringements, and which have been properly authorized and are consistent with the values, purposes and Charter and Bylaws of the National FFA Organization.

As a trademark owner, National FFA Organization is obligated to protect against unauthorized or potentially confusing uses of its trademarks and therefore carefully manages their commercial use. No one can use the FFA marks for a commercial purpose without the express written permission of National FFA Organization.

A local chapter may not use the FFA marks for commercial purposes; nor may a chapter, state association, state foundation, National FFA Foundation, member, or alumni chapter grant such rights, either actual or implied, to any third party. All above mentioned are responsible to adhering to these same requirements and standards for product purchases and must use either purchase direct from the National FFA Organization Merchandise Center or an Official Licensee. The Merchandise Center, which is specifically charged with serving as the designated product supplier for the National FFA Organization, FFA State Associations and FFA Local Chapters, holds its vendors to a review process very similar to that of licensees.

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