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Grants for Growing (G4G) is a competitive grant program that provides funding to FFA Chapters (middle school, high school) to support the development or improvement of agricultural projects that enhance the classroom experiences for students through chapter engagement activities. FFA chapters may apply for up to $5,000 through the G4G program, sponsored by Tractor Supply Company (TSC).

Funding is provided through consumer donations made during checkout at a TSC store location through the paper emblem program.

Grants for Growing Timeline:
  • Application – Jan. 7 – Feb. 11, advisor submits application online at
  • Fundraiser – Feb. 13 – 24, chapters are encouraged to partner with their local TSC store to engage at stores and advertise the program in an effort to increase consumer donations and awareness.
  • Engagement – Feb. 15 – Mar. 4, following the fundraising period advisors will complete an engagement form that describes their efforts to impact donations.

Find out more about Grants or Growing – watch the promotional video now, click here.

How do I apply?

Click on the link to the right to access the application.

Please Note: Currently, we do not offer single sign-on with your username and password. Applicants will need to register an email to start an application for the first time. We recommend using your email and password from, so it is easy to remember.


The 2019 Grants for Growing application opens Jan. 7. A completed application is required to be considered for one of the competitive grants. The application process is simple and asks the following:

  • Short Project Overview
  • Potential Community Partners
  • Narrative on how the grant will help further the chapter’s agriculture education program
  • Project Timeline
  • Measurable Outcomes
Budget Guidelines
  • Be specific and quantifiable for line items
  • Ensure that items listed in your budget are discussed in your grant narratives
  • Ensure the TOTAL amount equals a whole dollar amount.
    • CORRECT = 100.00; INCORRECT = $99.68
Funding Guidelines

Allowable Expense Examples

  • Substitute teacher pay
  • Transportation to and from project sites
  • Copying and marketing costs
  • Educational outreach materials
  • Portable storage
  • Vegetation
  • Small equipment purchases
  • Other expendable materials

Non-Allowable Expense Examples

  • Stipends or scholarships to students or the chapter
  • Indirect Costs (cost of administering the grant funds)
  • Travel to or from national convention or other state or national FFA trainings
  • Meals or food for volunteers or events.
  • Giveaways- Ex. T-shirts, food, small manipulatives, etc.
  • FFA Official Dress

The fundraising period for the TSC paper emblem program will take place Feb. 13 – 24, during FFA week.  During this timeframe FFA chapters are encouraged to participate in their local TSC store or utilize on-line resources to boost the sales of the paper emblems. However, participation is not a requirement to receive funding through the Grants for Growing program.

Below are some examples of how your FFA chapter can participate:


  • Act as a Greeter as customers enter the TSC store
  • Host an in-store booth with information about the importance of Agriculture Education
  • Help pack items at the register and transport to the customers vehicle
  • Host a petting zoo to provide an agriculture experience for customers
  • Hold a bake sale with proceeds supporting FFA chapter activities


  • Use social media to promote FFA Week and the FFA Paper Emblem Sales. Be sure to tag your posts!
    • Facebook:@TractorSupplyCo, @NationalFFA
    • Instagram: TractorSupply, NationalFFA
    • Twitter: @TractorySupply, @NationalFFA
    • Hashtags: #GrantsforGrowing, #NationalFFA, #TractorSupplyCo, #FFAJustOne
  • Text family and friends and encourage them to visit their local TSC store and purchase an FFA Paper Emblem to support Grants for Growing
  • Use the school’s website to encourage the school and community to participate in the FFA Paper Emblem sale during FFA Week
Engagement Form

On Feb. 15 applicants will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the Engagement Form. This form is not required but gives applicants an opportunity to share what activities, photos taken and promotional materials created.

The Engagement Form will be open from Feb. 15 – Mar. 3, 2019. Remember to download the Timeline and Social Media Suggestions from the “RESOURCE” button above.


All applicants will receive an email notification announcing the results regardless of award status. Awarded chapters will receive additional information with instructions on how to claim their funds.

Those chapters that are not awarded a grant need take no further action.

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