Making a Difference in Agriculture, One Student at Time


INDIANAPOLIS (Monday, Jan. 27, 2019/National FFA Organization) – Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch shares with others how much of an impact FFA had on her late daughter Sara Braasch Schmidt’s life. Bob Funk, co-founder of Express Employment, says his ambition developed when he was in FFA from 1954-58.

Backyard Chickens SAE | Ja’Kolbie Jones


Ja’Kobi’s SAE is raising chickens in his backyard. He has thirteen chickens and a chicken coop as part of his SAE. He made modifications to his chicken coop in order for it to fit the size of his backyard and to have enough room for the chickens. Other duties include collecting eggs and feeding and watering the chickens.

Agriculture Communications SAE | Emily Seifert


Emily’s SAE is in the area of Agriculture Communications. She writes blog posts for the agriculture blog, Raised in a Barn. Her blog posts are also featured on her chapter’s website.