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Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)


2018 WLC online registration will open Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 1 pm ET.

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2018 WLC Dates

Week 1: June 5 - 9

Week 2: June 12 - 16

Week 3: June 19 - 23

Week 4: June 26 - 30

Week 5: July 10 - 14

Week 6: July 17 - 21

Week 7: July 24 - 28

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2018 Dates & Pricing

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WLC is the pinnacle leadership conference National FFA offers to any and all members that are able to attend. WLC has a participation maximum of 340 students per week, and has such a high demand that several weeks of the conference sell out within days of opening our online registration.

The WLC curriculum is based on the four tenants ME, WE, DO, and SERVE. Building upon each of these four tenants gets students to the overall objective of the conference, which is becoming an engaged citizen who can make a measurable positive difference in their community.

Each of these tenants are taught during a fully dedicated day of the conference and through the context of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The Washington Leadership Conference is a delicate balance of providing FFA members with a premier leadership experience while exposing them to the rich history that DC has to offer.

The pinnacle of the conference happens on Saturday as we take part in our service day project. In the past five years the service projects have been very different in order to best serve the needs of those in Washington DC.

The Washington Leadership Conference is staffed by 13 contracted facilitators who are current college students and have a passion for student development. These 13 facilitators go through a robust training on how to effectively teach students and remain onsite for the duration of the summer.

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