GUEST ARTICLE: Take a Vacation from Social Media

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Hi guys! My name is Alexa Curtis and I am a teen influencer and bullying expert. When I was 12, I started a blog to inspire other teens to follow their dreams. Now, I get to follow mine and inspire you to follow yours!
I wanted to talk a bit about the positive and negative sides of the web. While I know the pitfalls of social media, I also know and understand the importance of social media for personal connections, as well as businesses. Sometimes, I wake up and feel so stressed out and overwhelmed with the internet. I hate knowing that I’m supposed to wake up each morning and immediately check my Instagram or Facebook feed, mainly because that’s my job. Last month, I decided I should take one day off per week from the web. So far, it’s making me happier than I’ve ever been.

Have you ever taken a vacation from social media? My business partner for my nonprofit, Steve, took a break from social media 2 years ago. He, along with myself, agree that there are so many benefits from taking one day per week off of social media. If it makes you feel better, maybe take one day off per month. The break will definitely help you feel more calm, engaged, and excited about your surroundings without viewing them behind a screen.

You only have this one life to live. There is so much that needs to be changed in the world, and you as Gen Z have the power to do what you want to do. No time is better than the present to follow your dreams.

Social media makes us look at the past or the future but it keeps us from the moment we are living right now. When I take a day off of social media, I
spend my time reading, watching my favorite Netflix show, or working out. I bet you’ll find a new hobby you love when you take a few hours off of the Internet.

About the Author

Alexa Curtis is a teen influencer and bullying expert. She founded  A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011, and it’s becoming the go-to platform for young adults ages 17-25. She also started a nonprofit for teens on mental health and social media, called Media Impact and Navigation for teens, in 2016. Alexa can be seen on TODAY, GMA, Good Day LA, Rolling Stone and more.