2017 Individual Donors

2017 Donor Honor Roll

/2017 Individual Donors
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Thank you for believing in the future of agriculture.

The National FFA Foundation recognizes and celebrates contributions from individual donors and corporate sponsors through giving societies determined by gifts from January 1 – December 31, 2017.

* — Past National Officer
** — Impact FFA donor
† — 25+ years of support

President’s Circle
$50,000 and above

C. Dean and Sandra Carlson
Thomas and Paula Dille
Edythe Marshall
Paul and Valerie Mulhollem Cravens Foundation
The Nafziger Family
Robert and Pauline Wells †
Herman and Bobbie Wilson

Blue and Gold Circle
$10,000 – $49,999

George Brown
Donors of the Individual Combined Federal Campaign †
Julia A. Hardy Ellis and Donald G. Bumgardner
Joe and Cindy Golding
Kyle and Lisa Hancock
The Markley Family Fund
Rick and Bonnie Malir
Richard and Elaine Morrison *
Mark and Nancy Poeschl
Cory and Heather Reed
Individual United Way of Greater Milwaukee

Golden Eagle Circle
$5,000 – $9,999

Ken and Maria Allen
Gerald Forsythe
James and Michele Loar
Clayton and Mary Ann Mathile
Edward and Judith McMillan †
Tim and Linda McNulty
Martha and Michael Munch
Robert and Betty Porter †
Corey and Katherine Rosenbusch *
Nancy and Tadd Seitz
Individual United Way Quad Cities

Rising Sun Circle

Jeffrey and Sharon Armstrong
Max and Linda Armstrong
Todd and Angela Armstrong
W. Dwight and Judy Armstrong
Trisha Bailey
Stephen Barr
Andy and Janet Bensend
Joshua and Lisa Bledsoe
Roger Bloomfield
Steve and Rhonda Brown
Harold Brubaker
Jimmy Cheek
Jeffrey Collins
Elizabeth Connally
Woodrow and Anita Culp
Stephen and Jennifer Dailey
Tom Dean
Dan and Diana Dooley
Dawn Doran
Howard and Nancy Downing
Bradley Fife
Pamela Bliss French
Robert and Gail Foote
Tim Gallagher
Lennie and Eija-Sisko Gamage
Cassie Gambrell
Brian Garrett and Terri Hames Garrett
Evan and Jennifer Green
Kirby Green
Pauline and George Grovert
Larry Hageman
Richard and Kelli Halderman
Parker Hannifin
Breanne and Ryan Harms
Sarah Harris
Mark Hesford
Eugene and Linda Hill
Jennifer Hogan
Roy Hunt
Karen and James Hutchison
Shane Jacques
Troy and Janet Johnson
David and Judith Kabbes
Jonathan Kemper
Larry and Amanda Konsterlie
Kay Kuenker
Dave and Jane Kurns
Lynette Marshall
David and Linda Maurer
Jack May
Dion and Wendy McBay
Richard and Patrice McDaniel
Scott and Susanne Mortimer
George and Nancy Morton
Carolyn and Richard Mottolo
Penelope and Pat Naylor
Brian Nedrow
Mark Nelson and Raquel Lacey Nelson
Wilbur and Marilyn Nelson
Linda Noble
Kevin Ochsner and Julie Classen Ochsner
Gregory and Cynthia Page
JB Penn
James and Sherri Peters
J.R. Peterson and Lisa Ahrens Peterson
Clinton and Carol Pilcher
Jack and Pat Pitzer
Matt Plitt
James Radintz
Ellen Reeder
Lewis Reppert
George and Judy Russell
Gail and Nicholas Sanders
David Schapker
Kent and Ramona Schescke
Louise Schimmel
John and Sandra Self
George Seperich
Lee Anne and Larry Shiller
Carroll Shry
Gary Siebert
Mary Ann and Joe Smith
Bernie and Martha Staller
John and Nancy Starkey
Scott Steiner
Glenn and Maggie Stith
Gary Swan
David Tanksley
Howard and Julie Thomas
Thorne Family Trust
Mark and Ann Timm
Nancy and Randy Trivette
Cecil and Katherine Vandygriff
John and Anja Verhaar
Susanne Wasson
Glenn and Lucy Weber
Karl Weiss
Austin Williams
Clayton Williams
Kenneth and Judy Williams
Jay Wilson
Mark Wyrick

Darel Anderson
Anonymous Donors
Molly and Kevin Ball
William and Debbie Boehm
Scott and Deede Bormann
Mildred Brehob
Frank and Holly Brod
Christopher Bursiek
John and Marilyn Bustle
Jay Carter
Larry and Joy Case
Scott and Janet Edwards
Brian and Laurel Field
Kelly and Richard Gast
Carollyn Gehrke
David and Lori Gilmore
Vernon and Deana Hawkins
C. Malcolm and Susan Head
Hadley & Helen Hill Fund
Richard and Kathleen Jones
Kevin and Carol Keith
Ruth Kimmelshue
Bruce and Martha Maloch
Joseph and Kristi Metzger
John and Jennifer Niemann
Lyle and Karma Orwig
Chris Rufer
Kathy Rupp
Christopher Sittler
Blair and Jean Soars
William and Nilda Stuff
Howard and Cynthia Williams

FFA Patron
$1 – $999

Shelley Adams
Tavia Anderson
Paul and Marlene Armbrecht
Chris Atkins
Eldon and Virginia Aupperle †
Beth and Matthew Bechdol
Mark and Rita Bjorgo
Dennis and Patty Bledsoe
James Blome
James and Marcia Borel
Dave Brewer
Kris Brock
Colin and Christine Broughton
Larry and Sharon Buchanan
Sharon Clark
Peter Classen
Timothy Claus and Louise Anderson
David Coleman
Steve Conrad
Kenneth and Debora Couture
Terry Crocker
Nina and Kent Crutchfield
Sarah Dickinson
Daniel and Theresa Digiulio
Larry and Rhonda Downes
James and Barbara Dunn †
Estate of Burneil Ecklund
Randy and Lee Efird
Charlene Finck
Corey Flournoy *
Brian Furrer
Darrell and Eve Goodhue
Susan and Lawrence Gundrum
Bill Gunter *
Lawrence and Sharon Hall
Steve and Lyren Haney
Trevor Heinzinger
Greg and Diana Hirneisen
Kathleen Hoenow
Maureane Hoffman
Bill Hollis
John Hubers
William and Sharon Jackman
Frank Jahner
J. Ken and Melissa Johnson *
Kenneth Johnson †
Anthony Juestrich
Robert and Francene Juncker
Randall and Deborah Kai
Allen Kathol
Larry and Christine Kieft
Sue Rourk King
Onalee and William Koster
Joseph Kramer and Diana Perdun
Justin Kulwicki
Philip Kurtiak
Cindy Landgren
Matthew Lohr *
Thomas and Leola Lovelace
Robert Marsh
Rob McClelland
Frederick and Harriet McClure *
Adam McVey
Tammy Meyer
Michael and Christal Mulder
Nancy Needles
Owen J. Newlin †
Kelly Novak
Irene and James Osborne
John and Joyce Pool †
Kenneth Quick *
Jennifer and Lyle Ralston
Larry and Susan Reese †
Melissa Reinhart
Donald and Lisa Richards
Douglas and Kay Rinker *
Matthew Roeder
Daniel and Patricia Roush
Douglas and Laura Schemmer
Douglas and Margaret Schmalz
Kyle Seaburn
Kristen Self
Kenneth Sevigny
Jeff Sisk
Brian Sisson
Ambra and Matt Tennery
Ernest Thornburg
Craig Tieken and Beth Rohan
Jim Tobin
John and Pamela Toevs
Jessi VanderPoel
Don and Joyce Villwock
Jay and Jamie Vroom
Justin Voshell
Margaret and Don Walker
Mark and Dawneen Weis
Kim Weseli
Beau Williamson *
Joe and Marie Wilson
Lisa Workman
Roger Zanarini
Quinn and Joan Zehr
Kathy and Steven Zumbach *
Gregory Zwicke

Anthony and Karyn Alamo
Christopher Alberta
William Alger
Amy Allen
Craig and Donna Anderson
David Anderson
Dean Anderson
R. Scott Andrews
Christopher Andrus
Jo Ann Arthur
Coty and Nikki Back *
Kortney Backus
MeeCee Baker
Cathy Baldwin
Burton and Marilyn Barr
Jim and Mary Batt
Scott and Lisa Beecher
Jessica Belsito
Harry Bennett
James Berry
Kenneth Betz
C. James Bode *
Roger and Pamela Bonsack
Gloria Bowman
Joseph and Sharon Bowman
Amanda Braml
Kellie Bray
Dwight Brown
Robert Brown
Thomas Brown
David Brueggen
Ken and Charlotte Bryant
Elisha Buchanan
John and Rebekah Burgess
James Burkett-Elam
Joel Campbell
Beth and Elvin Caraway
Christine Castellano
Jeff and Deanne Chaney
Lisa Chaudion
Frederick and Tina Christ
Neil and Patty Jo Christenson †
Ryan Coggins
Katie Connelly
James and Sue Cornick †
Michael and Erica Corrales
Marlon Corwin
Dale and Roberta Crabtree
Warner Croft
Tony Dahlman
Kylene Deitemyer
Van and Donna Dewey
Roy and Rebecca Douglas
Todd and Ida Eckert
Andrew Edson
Richard and M. Louise Elpers
Elizabeth Field
Arnold and Charlotte Fields *
Bart Fischer
Duane and Rebecca Fisher
David and Linda Flakne
Sheila Flood
Ryan and Sarah Fosso
Daniel Fox
Mark Fox
Linda Frazier
Timothy Fredricks
J. Earl and Jennie Frick
Abby Funk
Tripp and Sharon Furches
Galen and Debbie Furstenau
Nina Geiling
Robert J Gladstone
Staci and Aaron Glaser
Laura Gonzalez
Eldon and Sandra Gould
Melanie Graf
Todd and Kathie Greenwood
Paul Gutierrez
John and Barbara Hagie †
Martin and Carolyn Harris
Kim and Leona Havens †
Amanda Hazlett
John Hedquist
Cynthia and Brian Hefner
William and Kathleen Henricksen *
K. Hertzog
Emily Hoeing
Gabriel Holdwick
John and Barbara Hopkins
Dwight and Carolyn Houff
James Howard †
April Hoying
Ned and Dianne Hudson
Jolene Hughes
James and Claudia Humphrey
Janet Kay Hunt
Rodney Jackson
Scott and Cindy Jacobs
David and Sandra Jacobson
Bruce Jerome
John and Geraldine Johansen
Emily and Steve Johnson
John and Lorraine Jossund
Wendy Kaysen
Bonnie Kegler
Donna and Tom Kemp
Judy Kimball
Karl Kincade
Jack and Jean Kitchel
Paul Koenig
Kristine Kussman
Gregory and Laureen Lackman
Gregory and Mary Jo Lamka
Austin Large
Charles and Aralda Larson †
Thomas and Denice Larson
George and Joan Lewis *
Janet and Grant Lewis
Larry and Kathy Lightle
Mary Locke
Dale Ludwig and Rhonda Scheulen Ludwig *
See’Trail and Edmund Mackey
David Marvel
Larry and Mary McCormick
Jessica Mcgaughey
Rodney and Kathryn McMullen
Amber Medeiros
David Mensink
Ben and Michelle Meyer
Thomas and Anida Miarer
John and Karen Miller
Ryan and Denise Mills
Danny and Phyllis Montgomery
James Moore
Kelly Moorman
Earl Morgan
Susan and James Morrell
John and Nicole Morris
Patricia and Richard Nelson
Walter and Lavonne Nelson
Brenda Neter
Eric Newlin
Jim Orradre
Richard Owen
Barbara Parsons
Jerry and Denise Payne
David Phillips
Michael Pribyl
Connie Quincey
Samuel Rance
Bruce Reeder
Greg and Annette Reichert
Jeff Rice
Jesse Richardson
Tammie Richardson
Alice and Robert Richbourg
Norman Richter
Terry Rieckman
Patrick and Amy Robinette **
Patrick Robinson
Roger and Denise Ruffino
Joshua and Marci Rusk
Orion Samuelson
Jean Scalise
Ronald Schoff
Scott Schroeder
Charles and Nell Seaton †
Stefonie Sebastian
Allan Sents
Terry Siegel
Derrick Sindt
Tyler Slinden
Annette Smalley
Amy Smith
Joe Smith
Chuck Springer
Doug Sterup and Mary Walsh-Sterup
F.C. Stevens
Paul Stull
Michele and Rodney Sullivan
Eric and Carlene Tamichi
Lesli Taylor
Michael and Julia Torrey
Carolyn and Ted Turner
Francis Turner
Individuals United Way of Central Indiana
Individuals United Way of Cleveland County
Jamie Van Den Plas
Rick Van Genderen
Lisa Vaughan
Douglas and Barbara Vawter
Julie Venierakis
Johanna Vernick
Karen Vlach
Wayne Wackerle
Jerry and Naomi Warner
William Way
Andy Weber
R. Lynn Wells †
Ron and Jan Wesen
Lance Westcamp
Christine and David White
Robert Wichmann
Lori Wiggins
Mallory Wirth
Mike Wolford
Carol Wright
Eric Yoder
Madeline and Matthew Young
Hank Zanarini
Larry and Dora Zook
Casandra Zufelt
Edward and Heather Zurcher

Larry and Barbara Abbe
Craig Abell
Hugh Adams
Bob Anderson
Randall and Teresa Anderson
Robert Anderson
Nicholas Andre
Charles and Patricia Arensmeier
John and Kathy Ark
Jim and Lucinda Armbruster
Peggy Armstrong Gustafson and Gregg Gustafson * **
Ronald and Cynthia Auld
Mindy and Troy Backes **
Kevin and Jacqueline Bacon
Charles Baer
Rodney Baker
Tim and Patricia Baker
Donald and Gladys Balderson
Haldan Ballek
Ashtin Balzer
James Barker
Janette Barnard *
Gary Bauer
Leigh Beakley
Jacob Becker
Nicole Beckley
Calvin and Michele Beekman
Donald Begolka
Evan Bender
Max Benne
Kenneth and Jane Benner
William Bennett
Jeanne Bensen
Fred and Edna Bergstrom
Joshua Bible
Marjorie and Eugene Bieraugel
Paul and Joellen Bierschenk †
Grady and Jenae Bishop
Margery Bishop
Matthew Bishop
Lisa and Scott Black
Justin and Kaitlin Blackstone
Michael Boden
Royce and Helen Bodiford *
Andrew Boniface
Joseph and Robin Bothe
Dan Bouck
Elton Lee and Sue Bouldin *
Dee Dee Boyer
David and Linda Boyne *
Thomas Brand
Wilmer Brantley
Mari Bray
Jeffrey and Jacklyn Brazo †
Bruce and Rita Brinkman
Brannon Brooke
Riely Brothers
Donald Brott
Wayne Brucker
Jere and Patty Bruning
Claudia Brush
Lisa Buchholz
Dana and Mary Bumgardner
Gary and Diane Burau
Michael and Kimberly Burkhart
DeVere and Arva Burton
T. Norman Bush
Robert and Virginia Butler
Susan Butler
William Campbell
Melissa Carlgren **
Charles Burl and Georgia Carmichael
Matt Charow
Justin Chesnut
Abigail Christensen **
Janet Chronic
Mary and Robert Clark
Cynda Clary
Gerald and Beverly Clausen
Gene and Alfretta Claver
Troy and Trisha Clawson
Elliott Cobb
Brenda Cockrell
Tonya and Brad Coen
Bruce and Tina Colwell
Mark Compton
Dollye Cooper †
James and Irene Cooper
Michael Cooper
Joseph and Maria Coyne *
James Craft
Barbara Crane
Julia Crocker
Dale Cruzan
Wayne and Susan Cupp
Blaze Currie
Nathan Cushman *
Anita Daihl
Douglas Daley †
Richard and Peggy Daluge
David Daniels
Josephine Davidson
Brandon Davis
Wes Davis *
Dan and Angela Dawes
Morgan Dawson
Staci DeGeer
William Deimler
Robert and Lisa Delauder
Dawn Dietz
John Dillard
Jimmy and Norma Dillon * †
Scott Dissinger
Wendy and Joseph Dodge
Todd and Elizabeth Dorn
Peter and Jan Doty
Reggie and Norma Jean Dowell
Samantha Downey
William and Kathy Doyle
Zachary Drape
Maria Draper-Willcockson
Cindy Draxler
Dustin Drollinger
William and Mari Duchaj
Kevin Duhe
Gary Duncan
Donald Duval
Mollie Dykes
Michael and Wilda Eade
Matthew Eddy
Jackie Edwards
James Eichorn
Harry Elder
Donald and Amy Elson
Harold Ely
Bill and Renee Endress
Edward Engel
Robert Engle
Henry and Doris Ericson
David Eriksson
R. James and Jane Ertl †
Lauraleigh Esslinger
Lisa and Stephen Etter
Eric Etzel
Larry Evans
Gary and Elaine Evertz
Warren Fargo
Joe and Ellen Farrell
Kellin Ferguson
J. Rogers and Elizabeth Fike *
Daniel Fischer
David Fischer
Jennifer Fisher
Margaret and Richard Fisher
Roland Fisher
Joe and Sue Folk
John Foltz
John and Shari Foresman
Wayne and Kim Foy
Bill Frank
Robin and Debra Frank
Trenton and Karen Fredenburg
Edward Frederick
Joan French
Robert Friedrich
Norman Fritz
Josh Fulford
Jim Gaffney
Cindie Galbraith
Leigh Ann Gallion
Ralph and Karen Geil
David Geis
James Geller
John and Linda Gemmill *
Jenna Genson
Jarod Gentry
Steven and Laurie Gergovich
Jeff Germroth
Joel and Rochelle Gibbons
Richard Gibson
Paul and Betty Gilley
Dale Gladden and Margaret McCutcheon Gladden
Elizabeth and Charles Goss
Larry and Fay Gossen
Jerry and Linda Gourley
Nancy Gragnani
James Green
Kenneth Greenberg
Daniel Grode
Heidi Groeger
Duane and Tina Grosbach
Timothy Grove
Andrea Grube **
Stacy Gunderson
Gale and Marcia Hagee
Bill and Jennifer Hale
Kalie Hall *
Joshua Hankins
Zane and Janae Hansen *
Ethan Harding
Brent and Lisa Harmes
Charles Harrison
Dan Harvey
Rick Hawkins
James Hay
Dennis Heger
Randal Heine
Dennis and Shirley Heisey
Otto Heisner
Fred Helfrich
Terry Henderson
Cole Hendrix
Erika and Curtis Hennings
Wesley Henry
Glenn Herrold and Debra Herrrold
Adin Hester
Larry Heyen
Richard Hiatt
Jeffrey Hill
Patrick Hill
John and Sharen Hillison †
William and Carol Hinshaw
Lynn and Mary Diana Hiser
Gregory Hitchins
Thomas and Carolyn Hobbs
Tim Hoberty
Tim Hoenert
Stacey Hofmann
Matthew Holcomb
David Hollinrake
Phil Holloway
Wilson Holloway
Marie Holt
Ray and Gerry Housel
Curtis and Nicole Hudnutt
James Hughes
Everett Hunter
Dana and Nancy Hurst
Kimberley Huston
Don Immke
U W Cleveland County Individuals
Casey Isom *
John and Linda Jacquemin
Linda Janke
Rodney Jedlicka
Juli Jessen
Sara Wyant and Allan Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Wayne Johnson
J.J. Jones *
Katrina Jones
Dennis Jordan
Philip and Jane Josephson
Kelly Kaiser
Quinton and Pam Kearney
Lauren Keefer
Dale and Lila Keesecker
Gregory and Frances Kelley
Roland and Beverly Kettler
Jeff Kimble
Michele King
Phyllis Kingen
Sara Kinsell
James Kinsinger
Clyde Kirchgatter
Herbert Klumpe
Kenneth and Mary Knutson
Rich and Kathy Kober
Erin Koglin
Gary and Jackie Kolesar
Adam B Kornegay
Joe Koss
Jason Krazer
Todd and Kimberly Kringen
Julie Kroll
John and Judith Krum
Ralph Lachney
Brittany and Rodney LaCour **
John and Shawn Lagemann
Kenneth and Janice Lamm
Kent and Karen Lang
Robert Lanphier
Richard Larsen
Leslie Lawrence
Gary and Lisa Lawyer
Wendy and Raymond Leffingwell
Matthew and Johanna Lentz
Donald Lewis
Jeff Lewis
Lisa Limper **
John and Burdettya Linn
Gayle Lobsinger
Wilbert and Ann Lochtefeld
David Logsdon
Leonard and Ruth Lombardi
Randy Longest
Maxey Love
William and Jean Lucas
Glenn and Judith Luedke †
Vernon and Elizabeth Luft
Norman Lundmark
Chelsea Luthy
Jonathan Lutz
Charlie Maag
Tracy Mader
Kathleen Magness
Lawrence Mailliard
Victoria Maloch *
Jeff and Mary Manor
Gary and Darlene Maricle †
Timothy and Carolyn Marshall
Thomas Marten
E Scott Martin
Cecil Massie
David and Paulette Matteson
Gregory Matthews
Betty Maxwell †
Sarah McAnelly
Brandon McCaulley
Norbert McCaw
Reba McClone
Herbert McCoun
Kenneth McCoy
Timothy McDaniel
Fain McDougal
Mary McElvain
John McGillicuddy
Julie McNaull
Shauna and Richard McReynolds
James Meazel
Alex and Linda Meinholz
Paul Meister
Vernon Mellies
Brenda Meyer
Michael Meyers
David and Norma Miller †
Glenn Miller
Kate Miller
Odell and Mary Margaret Miller
Robert and Vivian Miller †
Clint and Gail Moffitt
Gary Monroe
Wendy Monsen
Lynn Mooneyham
Abi Moore **
Nathan and Linda Moore
Frank and John Moorer
Diane Morain
Michael Moreaux
Moira Ann and George Morris
Howard and Jana Morrison * †
Matthew and Natasha Mortenson
Jeremiah Moye
Wilbur Mull
Charles Munroe
Pete Murdoch
Kimberly Nansel
Andrew Nelson
Eric Nelson
John Nelson
Dale and Cynthia Newport
William A Niemann
Jared and Joan Niewohner
Craig Nord
Kelvin Novak
Amy and David Olson
Jennifer O’Neill
Donald Orr
John Oster
Sidney Otahal
Richard Owen
J Riley Padgett
Philip Palmer
Catherine Palsgraaf
Max Parks
Doyle Parmer
Andy Paul *
Randall and Betsy Pech
Dick Peixoto
Beth Perry
Gail Petersdorff
Brent and Theresa Petersen
Andrew Peterson
Jay Peterson
Blake Phelps
David Phillips
Brian and Lori Pickering
Kathleen and PJ Pierce
Suzanne Pierz
Alan and Brenda Pinder
Larry Place
Raymie Porter
Raymond and Judith Powell
Stephanie Pratt
Raul Quileslopez
Bobbi Jo Raffetto
Lori and Tim Randle
David Rausch
Kimberly Ridel
Corey Reed
Fred Reed *
Kevin Reed
Lucy Reese
Roger Repp
Brent Reschly
Rhonda Rielly
Roy Riggs
Benjamin Roberts
Kim Robertson
Daniel Robinson
Neal Rogers
Henry Rueden
Mark and Stephanie Rumbold †
Richard Russell
Randall and Denise Salisbury
Gerald and Judy Salzman
Timothy Sayers
William Schable
Steven and Norma Schehl
Lu Ann and Brad Schloesser
Craig Schmidt
William Schmit
Dan and Judy Schneider
Donald and Jane Schriver
Benjamin Schuler
John and Nancy Schutte
Lauren Schwab
Roger Schwenzfeier
Charles and Karen Scovill
Ronald Seibel
Samuel and Julie Serven
Vicki Settle **
Terrie Shank
Charlie and Sharon Shaver
Jeanne Shearer
Shelly Sheets
Brooklyn Shotwell
John and Phyllis Simpson
Glenn Sims and Susan Kincaid †
Jim and Pamela Sleper
Cyndee Smiley Dolan
Andy Smith
Kenneth and Coleen Smith
Martha Smith **
Mike Smith
Richard and Nancy Smith
Carrie and Kelly Snieder
Michael Sokolowski
David Somero
Earl and Doris Sorrells
Larry and Sandra Speer
Edgar and Fay Spicer
Donovan Spurgin
William and Linda Stavropoulos
Colin Steen
Marc and Jane Stein
Franklin and Amy Steinle
Annette Stenberg
Ronald Stephenson
John Stewart
Anthony Stinton
Hollice Stone
Andrew Stout
Angela and Patrick Stuard
Cleoramae Stunkel
James Supplee
Cody Suter
Dennis and Kris Swalheim
Richard Sweeney
C. McCheyne and Karen Swortzel †
Tim Symanietz
Hugh Taggart
Michael Takayoshi
Gene Tapalman
Ryan and Tina Tate
Alexis Taylor
Eugene and Anna Ruth Taylor
Harold and Thelma Tech
Roger Teeple
Bernie Thiel
James Thomas *
Robin Thomas
Gary and Jane Thome
Edward Thompson
Ellen and Jamie Thompson **
Gary and Debbie Tipton
Dennis and Natalie Toalson
Chuck and Cheryl Tobey
Ron Tracey
Mark Turnis
Steve and Kristie Tuttle
Jonathan and Ann Ulmer
Fred Vahle
Peter and Linda Van De Velde
Jon and Gulya Volkert
Gary Vorpahl
Heather Wade
Robert Wagenman
Christopher Wagner
David and Sandra Wagner
Keith Walker
Pamela and W. Randy Walker
William Waller
Karla Wang
Kelly and David Warman
Jennafer Watson
Doyle and Jennifer Waybright * †
Robert J Weber
Robert and Brenda Webster
Annette and Kevin Weeks
Ross Weikel
Ashli Weinrich
Jason Wetzler *
Jennifer Wheeler
David Whitaker
James and Mrs. James White
Rex and Melanie Wichert
Terry and Janice Wiedeman
Alan Wilhoite
Harvey Williams
Jeffrey and Sharon Wilson
Michael and Diedra Wilson
Susan Wise and Perry Mayland
Solitare Wix
George and Ruth Wixom
Lance and Dana Woodbury
Robert Woods
Amy Wortman
Robert Wright and Mary Dettling-Wright
Michael Wukmer
R. Timothy and Patricia Wyss
Norm and Nadine Yenni
Jennifer Yocum
Elizabeth Zanarini
Timon Zander
Benjamin Zelle
Steve Zimmerman
Sarah Zipse
Mathew Zumbach

Val and Paul Aarsvold
Archie and Anna Abbott
Abigail Adams
Kalie Adams
Quinn Adkins
Gregory Adkins
Joan Aebig
Regina Ahalt
Barbara Aiken
Russell Akin
Jeffrey Albertsen
Nancy Albright
Terrel Alburtis
William and Abigail Aldridge
Aaron Alejandro
Charles and Evelyn Alexander
Elita Alford
Marci and Roger Allen
Jaclyn Amiss
Keith Anderson
Larry Anderson
Sherry Anderson
Dianne Appel
Nicholas Archer
Harry and Beth Armstrong
John and Darlene Arneson
Josiah Asbury
Tamara Ator
Geoff Aughenbaugh
James Aurthur
Steven Avant **
Bhasker Ayer
Tavy Baier-Dunn
William Bain
Daniel and Sandra Baker
Dwight and Denise Balbach
Aaron Barber
Peggy Barber
J. Carl Barbic *
Hugh Bargman
Andrew and Marcella Barrett
Eugene and Constance Bartoszewicz
Steve Bates
Hals and Tracy Beard
Andrew Beaulieu
Bradley Bechthold
Kenneth Beck
Ben and Dianna Beckett
Edward and Rosemary Beeler
James Beenken
Nora Bellon
Rick and Erin Bend
Michael and Stacy Bennett
Eric and Mary Benson
Terrell and Jo Benton *
William Berger
Stanley Bergum
Stacia Berry *
Meredith Bertram
Elmo and Betty Beyer
Thomas Beyers
Michael Black
William Blackwell
Harmon and Diana Bliss
Judith Blumer
Roy Bocock
Donald and Janis Boenker
Richard and Diane Boeser
Brent and Gina Bolay
Don and Wilma Boldt
Ida Bolen
Rebecca Boles
Heather Bonsell
Gene and Pamela Bork
Bill Bowers
Trina Bowles
Christopher Boyens
Jessica Brady
Evandro Braga
Shane Brannen
Elizabeth Breunig
Jenna Brewer
Doris Brickhouse
Daniel Brinkmann
Mathew Britain
David and Barb Broberg
Jeffrey Brockberg
Anthony Brockshus
Marc Broer
Charles and Judi Bromander
Gregory Brooks
Vicki Brower
Edward Brown
Jane Phyllis and Maurice Brown
Jennifer Brueggemann
Clarence Bruner
Bryan and LouAnn Buchanan
Mitchell Buchanan
Brian Buchholz
Gerald and Sue Buckman
Trevor Buckner
Steven Buettner
D Michael Bumgardner
Kelly Bumpus
Cole Bumsted
Savanna Burcham
Don Burgess
Virginia Busboom
Norman and Cheryl Byerly
Danny Cain
Lindsey Calhoun **
Mike Cammuso
Ted and Barbara Camp
Shane Campbell
Stephanie Canizales
Ronald and Missy Carey
Steven and Jeannie Carey
John Caroff
Noah Carpenter
Rebecca and Michael Carter
Laura and Merril T. Cartwright *
Leonard Casdorph
Brett Cathcart
Debra Cavaletto
Reyna Cerros
M. Carolyn and Larry Chambers
Troy Childress
Scott and Matt Chrisinske
Roxana Clark
Scott Clark
Helen Clarkson
Mark and Judith Cline
Larry Coldwater
Charlot and Kendall Cole
Sharon Coleman
Reginald and Patricia Collins
Randy Cooklin
Lyle Coon
Harold and Karen Cooper
Melissa Cosby
Rhonda Covarrubias
Tinker Cox
Patricia Craft
David and Elizabeth Craig
Robert and Monica Craig
Scott Crane
David Crank
Evelyn Cripe
Orville Cupp
Adrienne Dalenberg
Riley Dalke
Thomas Dancer
Tony Dang
Justin Darnell
Andrew Dau
William and Jill Davenport
Daniel Jacob Davis
Harold Davis
James and Mary Davis
Todd Davis
Denis Dawson
Nick Dawson
Lawrence and Mary Day
Richard Debertin
Kim and Edward Decker
Shelly Dehoff
Stephen and Catherine Delpozzo
Gerald Denton
Rebecca Desjardins
Jeffrey Despain
Joseph and Sandra Detrixhe *
Robert Dietsche
Carlton and Rebecca Dippman
Gary and Debra Dobberstein
Dennis and Barbara Dodge
Valorie Dorrell
Russell Dotson
Barrillon Dougherty
Paula Downes
Jon Draeger
Judy Droddy
Roxanne Droste
Frank and Shirley Dry
Rachael Dubinsky
Patrick Duffy
Thomas and Mary Duffy
Marcus Dugaw
Carl Dumoulin
Erimanuel Duran
Robert Dyess
Julie and Brad Eadie
James Eakes
Coral Ebberson
Doug Edge
Carl Edgerton
Lisa Kidwell Edmond **
Steven and Maryann Edwards
Anne-Cecile Egan
Matthew Ehinger
Heidi Ehrhardt
Gary Eichelberger
James Eichhorst
William Ekman
Brian Ellenz
Robert Elliott
Allie and Joey Ellis
Jerry Ellner
Delphine Engelbrecht
Darla and Steve Enger
Jennifer Erb
Willaim Erbach
Charles and Yvonne Erickson
Donald and Rebecca Erickson
Brett and Monta Evans
James and Wilma Ewbank
Pamela and Roger Fairchild
Lisa and Brian Fallon
Robert Farinholt and Marsha Barger
Jim Faust
Susannah Feagin
Angie Feider
Nicholas Feidt
Traci Ferris
Will Fett
Bob and Tami Feucht
Joseph Fidd
Curtis Fisher
Alan Flack
Brian Flatt
James Fleming
David Forstall
Jared Foster
Judy and Vernon Fowler
Allison Franklin
Rod Frascht
Michelle Fuller
Ann Futrell
Dan and Carolyn Gabica
Tonja Galvan
Lesli Garrett
Stanley George
Peter and Libby Giacomini *
Larry Gibson
Dwayne Gilliland
Todd and Melissa Gingrich
James Gipple
Emily Gitch
Katie Glick
Joe Goins
Randy Goldman
Pamela Golinghorst
Brian Goodman
Henry and Savannah Goodnight
Jessica Gordon
Tony Gosnell
Charlotte Graham
Patricia Grant
Char Gray
Jim Gray
John Gray
Adam Green
Ed Greschner
Fred Gretsch
Keith Grewing
Robert Grimes
Denise and Scott Grise
Kenneth Griswold
Paul Gronholz
Robert Gross
Rebecca Gunderson
Trisha and Mike Haag
Merle Hadachek
Paul Haines
Bobby Hall
Jeffery Hall
Pete Hamel
Kimberly Hamilton
Steve and Anita Hamilton
David Hammel
Haley Hampton
Todd Hansen
Melanie and Jacob Harden
Don and Mary Harlan
William Harrington
Charles Harris
Brian Harrison
Jessica Hartman
Frank Hartmann
Kam Hartstack
Richard and Irene Hartung
Loren and Terri Haselhorst
Ronan Havlice
Shannon and Paula Hayes
Kent Heberer
Steve Hecathorn
Elissa Heitzler
Steve Hemm
Bruce Henrikson
Jordan Henry
Kimberley Henry
Tom Henry
Ingrid and Markham Hensley
Alvin and Phyllis Hepner
Harley Hepner
Bonnie Heppard
Robert and Betty Hertzog
William Hessman
Kurt and Carol Heupel
Rick Hilby
Steven Hildebrand
Stephanie Hiler
Robert Hill
Ronnie Hill
Janice Hiner
Ronald and Jean Hinkfuss
Jennie Hodgen
Constance Hoelscher
Bryce and Courtney Hoffman
Jon and Norma Hoffman
Kim Holmberg
Darren Holsteen
Kyle Holthaus
James Homann
Patrick and Karen Hooker
David and Cheryl Hopson
W. Dale Houff
Aaron House
Mason House
Andrea Howe
Michael and Cory Huber
Sammie Hugan
James and Judy Hughes
Jason Hughes
Wayne and Sherry Humphreys *
Sam and Gail Hunter
Andrea Hyde
David and Jody Iverson
Timothy J. Hodson
Garrett Jackson
Jennifer Jacobsen
Michele Janorschke
Arlan and Martha Janssen
Earl Jay
David Jedlicka
Charles Jenison
Laura Jenson
Darren Johanning
Carrie Johansson
Dan Johnson
David Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Kalleigh Johnson
Norman and Mary Ann Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Joy Johnston
Michael Jones
R.D. and Carol Jones
Rob and Mica Jones
John Jordan
Anthony and Gladys Judice
Steven Justice
John and Marcia Kabat
Marie Kahl
Kole Kamman
Carl Kannianen
Stephanie and Christopher Kappus
Nathan and Bethany Keiser
Jacob Keizer
Hanjem Kemu
Byron and Sherry King
Jeffery and Renai King
Tina King
Carolyn and John Kinsella
Ben Kirkpatrick
Michelle Kitchens
Daniel Kitzhaber
Kevin Klocke
Travis Klohs
James and Ivy Klug
Albert and Lillian Knake
Richard and Ellen Knebel
Larry Knoll
Mary Koch
Charles and N Luisa Kontoules
Raymond Kopp
Bonnie Korleski
Kim Koth
Deanna Kovar
Kevin Kovarik
Gayle Krantz
Wendy Krause
Loren Kruse
Maurice Kruse
Mitchell and Dorothy Kurtzweil
Bennett Kuster
Donna Labranche **
Chris Lacey
Christopher Lacey
Celine Lacroix
Robert Lane
Elmer Lanz
Andrea Larsen
Rita and Ed Larsen
Christian Larson
Julie and Kevin Larson
Rita Larson
Trisha Lastly **
Angela Lauer
Vicki Lawhorn
Deanna Layfield
Jerry Lee
William Lee
Chris Leggett
Bryan Lehmann
Mark Leiber
Coleman Lett
Maxine Levin
Kensley and Dana Lewis
Reginald Lewis
Bradford and Karen Lichty
Brian Lightner
Tanisha Locklear
Donavon and Glorianne Loeslie
Della Logan
Sylvia Lopez
Sonya Lord-Chamberlain
John and Judy Lowry
Annarae Luevano
Kayla Lumpford-Mitchell and Timmy Mitchell
Gene Lystad
Ronald and Carlene Maag
Douglas Maahs
Brian and Christine Maddy
Terry Main
Kevin Mainord
Jacob Maldonado
Peggy Maloch
Diane Maloney
Michael Mandrick
William Manwarren
Maggie Maratsos
Max Markin
Michael Marsh
John Marshall
Orrin and Cynthia Mason
Rex and Carol Mason
Peter and Char Mastenbrook
Angela Masters
Jawad Masud
Lori Mathews
Tori Mayhair
Amber Maynard
Joseph and Patty McIntosh
Caitlyn McAnulty
Zachariah Mcbride
Michael McClay
Debra McCluskey
Gene and Molly McCurdy
Jeanie and Alan McDaniel
Richard McFail
Jason McIlravy
Skip McIsaac
Norman Mckendry
Kelly McKibben
Robin McLean
Ryan McLearnon
Taylor McNeel *
Robert and Patricia McNeely
Richard and Kathleen McTaggart
Katie McWhirter
Richard Meier
Dale Meis
Jerilyn Mellencamp
Polly Merrick
Richard Meske
Suzanne and Robert Messenger
Katherine Meyers
Jan Michels
Donald Miller
Earl Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Ellen Miller
Eugene and Nancy Miller
Kevin and Martha Miller
Kevin Miller
Tammy Miller
Michael Miron
Chantal Monnier
Mark Moore
Keith Mossman
Greg Mullins
Robert Mumm
Robert Munn
Kenneth Munsterman
Brian Murphy
SJE Music Ministry
Anne Myers
Kevin Myers
Mark and Jane Nachreiner
Larry and Mary Naeger
Trelina Nauling
Stephen Neis
William Nelligan
Doug Nelson
Jan Nelson
Jonathan Newcomb
Gordon Newell
Craig Newman
Jason Nichols
Terri Nintemann
Stefan and Mary Jo Nitsch
Erin and Justin Noble
Frank Nolen
Shannon Norris *
Harold North
Scott Nyenhuis
Neil Oberlin
Alex Offerdahl
Walter Ogburn
Ken and Jane Olcott
Kasey Olejnik
Shelley O’mary
Timothy Oonk
Jocelyn Oppenhuis
Allan Overton
John Pace
H B and Sylvia Pack
Warren Packer
Juanita Padgett
Riley and Lauren Pagett *
Susan Palmer
Morris Parcher
Daniel Parker
James Parker
Mike Parkhurst
DeAnna Parsell
Wayne Parsons
Leroy Paulen
Carolyn and Mark Paullin
L Payas-Arnold
David and Deborah Pazour
David and Heather Pederson
Anna Leigh Peek
Ami Pennington
Rose Marie and Don Pennington
Alison Petersen
David and Jane Peterson
Natasha Peterson
Sandra Peterson
John Petricca
D. Neal Pfaffenberger
Laura and Robert Phares
Stacy Phillips
Brian Pierce
Sharon Pierce
Michelle Pierson
Taylor Pippin
Larry and Helena Pitcock
Marlyce Pittman-Webster and Malcolm Webster
Ryan Pollard
Robert and Tamara Pollart
Stephen Pollock
Karen Porter
John and Lexie Poulson
David Preston
Koree and Stacy Price
Rebecca Prior
David and Mary Puthoff
Benita Putzier
Timothy Qualls
Danny Quinn
Melissa Quinn
Ralph and Judy Rabach
Karen Rabenstein
Matthew and Cathy Rademacher
Rick Rader
Tim Rainey
Richard Ralph
Judas Ramos
Denise Ramp
James Ramp
Kenneth Ramsay
Donna Ramseur
Robert Rand
Drew Ratterman
Douglas Raymakers
Bridgette and Randy Readel
Robert and Patricia Reddell
Larry R and Janet Redding
Francis and Lillian Reichart
Jason Reid
Jeffrey Reigel
John Reiher
Roger and Valorie Reimers
Marsha and Randy Reinhart
Michael Reszler
Craig Rice
Lauren Riensche
Robert Rinehart
Sandra Riney
Thomas and Cindy Ritchey
Warren and Shirley Rittenhouse
Rodney and Jennifer Ritzert
Colleen Kirby Roberts
Stanford and Lorraine Robertson
Cynthia Robinette
Laura and Brock Robson
Robert and Marlene Roesler
Tiffany Rogers *
Stephanie Roscinski
Gary and Kathy Rosenbohm
Paul Roth
Ida Ruby
Stephen Rupert
Larry and Patricia Russell
David Rybacki
Nicole Salinas
Heidi Salow
Chris Salyer
Clay Sapp *
Logan Sasso
Roger Sauerbrey
Wayne Sayles
Jessica Schaefer **
Tom and Mary Scheider
Douglas and Monae Schmelzle
Mary Ann and Luverne Schmidt
Rod Schroeder
Bryan and Linda Schroer
Jennifer Schuessler
Julie Schwab
Michael Schweickert
Bernard and Jean Scott
James and Carmela Scott
Mark Seem
Gregory Serafin
Michael Sersland
Rebecca Shaver
Lisa Shaw
Diana and Timothy Shebel
Jason Sheldon
Mary Sheldon
John Shiflett
Evelyn Shiner
Ray Shinn
David Shipman
Sally Shomo
Charles and Mrs. Charles Shorter
Michael Shumaker
Ashley Sikora
Melvin and Christine Simon
Gary Simpson
Jamie Sinclair
Judith Sinn **
Monica Skinner
Mary Skinner-Vance
Harry Sloot
Edward Smalley
Allan Smith
Brentley Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Helen Smith
Holly Smith
Matthew Smith
Mike Smith
Perry Smith
Rhonda Smith
Carolyn Smyer
Thomas and Julie Sommers
Aubrie Sorrell
Michele Spence
Fred and Laura Spiegel
John Sprowl
Erman Stahl
Charles Stallard
Hollie Stanton
Bryant and Betty Steen
Larry and Karen Steffens
Justin Stenberg
George Steuart
Matthew and Jody Stevens
Andrea Stevenson
Marvin Stewart
Charles Stinson
Robert and Cheryl Stirling
Kevin and Kathryn Stork
Jennifer Stover
Gretchen Strah
Harry Strohauer
Keith Strohmeier
Whitney Strong
Brad Stuck
Jeremy Surovy
Stephanie Sutherland
Wayne Swenson
Don Swonger
Michael Szprejda
Jordan Tate
Trevor Taylor
Richard A. and Joan Tegels
Clarie and Barbara Telles
Tyler Tenbarge *
Henrietta Terpstra
Karen Terrones
Susanne and Adam Teschke
Edwin and Melanie Teubel
Gerald and Joanne Tharaldson
Ashlee and Matthew Then
Daniel Thiemke
Tempestt Thomas
Elizabeth Thorndyke
Alycia Thornton
Jane Thornton
Gerald and Eva Thorsen
E Thomas and Beverly Thurber
Spencer Tieman
Juleah Tolosky
Loretta Towne
Matthew Treadwell
Donald Tribby
Chad Trivett
Carolyn Trone
Edward and Danielle Tucek
Terry Tucker
Mary Jo and Loren Tungesvik
Leslie Turner
Penny and David Turner
Harvey Ulfers and Jane Kemp-Ulfers
Individuals United Way of California
Individuals United Way of Delaware
Individual United Way of Southeastern PA
Robin Utz
Alice Voegeli
Alivin and Emma Voncannon
Jack and Carolyn Vrooman
Robert and Deborah Wackerlin
Joan Wagner
Leslie Wagner
Donald Wailes
David Walters
Jordan Waltz **
Heather Wandrey
Megan Ward
Herman and Patricia Weingart
Ayja Welch
Donald Welge
Ron Welling
Jennifer Wenzel
Steen and Nancy Westerberg
Duane and Patricia Westnedge
Fred and Sydney Weyrick
David and Suzanne Whicker
Philip Whisenant
C.C. White
Jeff White
Charla Wiemers
William Wiiest
Greg and Caroline Wildhaber
Frank and Christy Wilhite
Ellen and Wayne Williams
James and Charlene Williams
Sharon Williams
Janine Williamson
Scott Williamson
Donald and Renee Wilson
Jo Wilson
Michelle Wilson
Rueben Wilson
Donald Wingo
Ron Winiger
Gail and Mavis Winings
Erik Winning
Steven and Jana Winquist
Elizabeth Winstead
Mark and Nancy Wolfskill
Donn Wood
Erin Woodall
Julie Woodard **
Clayton and Anja Worley
Kent Wright
Lisa Wright
Frank and Barbara Yesalavich
Brent and Kathleen Young
Tyler Young
Gene and Cheryl Zarling
Daniel Zimmerman
Mark and Cheryl Zimmerman
Tommy and Susan Zimmerman

Forever Blue

Planned Giving

Mary Anderson
W. Dwight and Judy Armstrong
John and Cecilia Baldus
Everett Bamish
Emmett W. and Barbara J. Barker
Thad Boatwright
William and Debbie Boehm
William and Janice Butcher
Phillip Cline
James and Sue Cornick
Jacquelyn Deeds
Elin Duckworth Miller and Bill Miller
James and Barbara Dunn
Will Fett
Joe and Cindy Golding
Ronald L. Grapes
Kim Allen Havens
Matthew T. Hobart
Tim Hoberty
Robin Hovis
James and Wanda Irvine
Michael and Kathy Jackson
Vernon D. and Elizabeth A. Luft
Bruce and Martha Maloch
Robert and Vivian Miller
Richard and Elaine Morrison
Clinton and Carol Pilcher
Bruce Reeder
Corey and Katherine Rosenbusch
Greg and Kassi Rowland and Family
Kathy P. Rupp
Mark and Darla Sanborn
Kent and Ramona Schescke
Kristen L. Self
Carroll Shry
Glenn and Maggie Stith
Mark and Ann Timm
Kim Weseli

Endowments Created in 2017

The Dan Nafziger Memorial Convention Endowment
— The Nafziger Family

The Joseph Allen Hardy and Helen Williamson Hardy Scholarship Endowment
— Julie A. Hardy Ellis and Donald G. Bumgardner

The Phil Keiser Endowment
— Friends and Family of Phil Keiser, and his employer, Culver’s

2017 Donor Honor Roll
2017 Corporate Sponsors

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