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Jacket Measuring Videos & Calculator

Jacket Measuring Videos

The jacket unifies members in a long-standing tradition and reminds them that they are part of something larger than themselves. We know that symbolic blue corduroy is far more than Official Dress, but an icon of an American tradition–instilling pride and responsibility in those who wear it.

Purchasing a jacket that fits well is important, we want to make sure those who wear the blue jacket are comfortable and represent FFA well.

Here are some tools to assist in measuring and ordering the corduroy jacket.

Standard jacket sizes are available in the Men’s or Women’s Jacket Fitting Guide

We also offer a Tailored Jacket, use the calculator below to discover which is your best option. Note: The official FFA jacket is a personalized item and cannot be returned or replaced. A new jacket must be ordered for jackets that are ordered too small, too large or lettered incorrectly.

Jacket Measuring Resources

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Jacket Sales and Measuring FAQ

Men’s Jacket Fitting Guide

Women’s Jacket Fitting Guide

Jacket Measuring Videos


Jacket Measuring Calculator