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Women's Giving Circle

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Impact FFA is a women's giving circle dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by supporting programs through pooled-resources. We intend to create a community of well-informed women and to raise awareness of philanthropy in the agricultural world.


Our intent is to build a sustainable pool of resources that is supported by women in an effort to support agriculture. For many of us, a gift of great magnitude may be in our hearts but is often beyond our individual means. Impact FFA will allow us to make a yearly gift that will result in greater impact.

Gift Giving Philosophy

We seek to fund critical needs, new ventures and innovative ways to support FFA and agricultural education.

For example, in the past, we have supported agriculture teachers and National FFA Officers. Moving forward, we will continue to support National FFA Foundation supported programs and initiatives. Currently, our areas of focus include:

I believe women are able to encourage other women to see their value and worth in themselves and how important a role they play in agriculture. Women can assist one another in building their self-esteem and confidence in their talents and livelihoods.
- Alyssa Barrett, ICAL
  • Agricultural teachers: We feel strongly that we must keep female agricultural educators working in the field of education and that they must remain qualified and educated themselves.
  • Hunger: We agree with the National FFA Organization that hunger is an issue in that we must all share responsibility in solving.
  • Global: We feel that impacting and empowering women to be a part of the global world is pertinent to sharing universal knowledge with youth in agricultural education.

How It Works

Impact FFA ideally seeks members each donating $1,000, per year to serve as voting members. Donations of any amount are also accepted for general membership. Member donations are due in full by December 31st of each year. Donations are submitted to the National FFA Foundation. In February of each year, Impact FFA voting members will each cast one vote per $1,000 donation to determine the program/initiative recipient.

Collaborative Groups

We encourage groups of women, formalized or not, to join together and make contributions in $1,000 increments. These groups will receive one vote each year for every $1,000 donation made. Local and state women’s agricultural groups are encouraged to donate in this way to provide their groups a way to make a national impact while having a vote in the initiatives.

As a new and beginning teacher, attending CASE AFNR in 2013 kick started my teaching career and gave me the confidence and enthusiasm needed to make it through my first year of teaching. Had I not had taken a CASE institute prior to my first year of teaching, I would not have been able to develop a successful total program approach (i.e. Classroom Instruction, FFA integration, and SAE development).
- Darla Romberger, CASE