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Program Standards Survey Tool and Supporting Resources Coming Soon!

With the revision of the National Quality Program Standards complete the National Council for Agricultural Education is working to ensure a new electronic survey tool is in place to make the standards easy to utilize while enriching local programs. If you have not yet taken a look at the NQPS document you can access them on the right hand side of the front page of the National Council website https://www.ffa.org/thecouncil/ .

The Council committee appointed to govern the most recent revision of the NQPS recommended that The Council pursue development of an online version to survey local programs and determine where enhancements could be made to enrich the program. The vision is to provide agricultural education programs with an easy-to-use tool to automate the process. This will save time and ensure clear goals and objectives for meeting quality standards are identified and in place. The Council gathered input from several key stakeholders including teachers, state leaders, teacher educators and Council board representatives to identify needs and functions of the resource. Overall, feedback collected from key stakeholders indicated there is a huge demand for the survey tool and supporting resources.

The design of the electronic survey tool will follow the structure and format of the standards document. The interactive approach will lead those completing the survey through the process step-by-step through each quality indicator. Once the evaluation is complete the tool will lead those completing the survey in identifying the indicators that are most urgent and important to ensure the program needs are met. Once the top indicators are identified the tool will prompt the participants to identify targets, specific steps for achieving targets and a timeline with noted ownership.

A special feature of the survey tool will allow states to customize the survey to include quality indicators specific to their state. This will increase the use of the survey tool, providing the needed resources to ensure it meets the specific necessities of each state. The value of this is in the collection of data for the use of state staff, teacher leaders and teacher educators to identify areas where in-service or per-service may be needed.

To complement the survey and provide promising practices designed an all new NQPS Program Resource Guide is being developed. The guide will highlight the 7 Keys to Local Program Success which are aligned with and used to develop the NQP standards. The design of the resource will be structured to save teachers time by providing examples agricultural education programs have used to reach top levels for each quality indicator.

These new National Quality Program Standard enhancement tools and resources will be coming to you in 2017 and will be unveiled during the 2017 National Ag Ed In-service in January. There will be new resources to provide specific training to end users and a plan to assist states in teacher adoption. Look for additional details and updates on the progress. The National Council for Agricultural Education looks forward to providing these items and identifying others to keep school-based agricultural education strong and focused on academic and career success for all students.