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New Program Standards Online Survey Tool

The National Council for Agricultural Education is pleased to release a new electronic survey tool to help local agricultural education programs analyze their program and identify specific growth targets. The new tool is based upon the contents of the latest version of the National Quality Program Standards for Secondary Agricultural Education released in 2016.

Using the survey tool, educators can engage their advisory committees and other stakeholders in an analysis of the overall health of the agriculture education program in seven areas.

  • Program Design and Instruction
  • Experiential, Project, and Work-Based Learning Through SAE
  • Leadership and Personal Development Through FFA
  • School and Community Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Certified Agriculture Teachers and Professional Growth
  • Program Planning and Evaluation

In addition, the application includes a growth planning tool, which automates the process of determining priorities and building an action plan to enrich specific aspects of the local program.

The standards and this survey tool is the result of numerous rounds of input and feedback from teachers, state leaders, and teacher educators across the country. Here are just a few things that pilot participants had to say about their experience with the tool:

  • “I was able to easily see areas that the program excels and what standards need a little more attention or focus.”
  • “I was able to sit down with my advisory committee to review our program and decide which direction or improvements needed to be made.”
  • “I will also use this tool to talk with my administration about improvements that we need to make in hope to get additional resources, funding, or input in decisions regarding the program.”
  • “The timing could not have been better as this is my first year in my current program and my main focus is getting the program back on the right track. This tool fits seamlessly in this transition.”

To access the tool, you will need a valid MyFFA account with instructor or state leader access. If you are a new teacher or moved to a new school, please contact your state staff to obtain MyFFA credentials and/or have your login information associated with a new program.

Want to preview the online version? Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the survey and building a growth plan for your program. Here is an example completed survey and growth plan created using the online tool:

Click here to login to the survey tool 

*You will also find a link to the application in your instructor or state leader toolbox on ffa.org.

The National Quality Program Standards Revision and Online Survey Tool is brought to you through the generous support of John Deere and CSX as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

Have questions? Please contact Doug Kueker.

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Login to the survey tool

*You will also find a link to the application in your instructor or state leader toolbox on FFA.org