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Alumni Membership & Rosters

Alumni Membership & Rosters

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General information and resources regarding FFA Alumni portals within your Toolbox. Step-by-step process for submitting your FFA Alumni membership.

  • The National FFA Alumni Membership year runs from September 1 to August 31.

  • Membership and dues submitted by May 15 qualifies for awards, scholarships, grants and delegate counts.

  • All membership (with the exception of new local affiliates) must be submitted through

End of Year State Membership Comparison

How-To Guides Alumni Access

Individual FFA Alumni

Every FFA Alumni member has the opportunity to create their own personal account. Utilize this account to update contact information, manage your membership including subscription and transferring capabilities, locate contact information and more!

If you are already an FFA Alumni member, please contact your local or state FFA Alumni leader to receive your invitation. Email to request state leader contact information if required.

If you wish to become and FFA Alumni member and are not part of a local FFA Alumni group,  New to the FFA online experience? Start Here!

Local FFA Alumni Admin

Each local FFA Alumni affiliate should identify 2-3 individuals in leadership and membership management to be granted administrative rights over the local affiliate. These individuals are responsible for updating affiliate information, submitting membership and have additional features available to them to communicate and engage their membership. Please contact your state FFA Alumni leader to receive your invitation and be granted administrator rights. Email to request state leader contact information if required.

State FFA Alumni Admin

Individuals overseeing membership and roster processing at the state level require state administrative rights. If you are responsible for FFA Alumni membership within your state please email to request admin rights be extended to your account.