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​Agricultural Education/FFA Program​​

Agricultural Education/FFA Program

The role of a local FFA Alumni affiliate is to support the local agricultural instructor(s). We strive to offer support to the teacher in all areas of the three circle model including classroom/laboratory instruction, students’ supervised agricultural experiences and FFA activities. The local instructor(s) may call upon the FFA Alumni to assist with: student recruitment and retention; collaborative activities between the students and FFA Alumni; teacher assistance both in and out of the classroom; financial resources for the program.

The following Measurement Statements outline those identified areas of a quality FFA Alumni program. Each Measurement Statement is followed by a series of quality indicators/questions/examples which further define or assess the measurement statement. The sum of the indicators scores serve as a ranking and determine if the measurement statement has been met. The sum of the indicator scores must reach the identified criteria score for meeting the standard or standard statement.

Student Recruitment


Teacher Support


Agricultural Education/FFA Program Summary Assessment Tool