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Alumni Grants & Scholarships

Alumni Grants & Scholarships

Donate to a scholarship or find more information about grants offered by the National FFA Alumni Association.

For more information on FFA Alumni Scholarship and Grants, see the National FFA Alumni Manual.

Alumni Legacy Grants

Alumni Legacy Grants can be used to create an FFA Alumni Chapter, improve the quality of existing FFA Alumni Chapters or to provide more opportunities for partnership between FFA Chapters and Alumni Chapters. 

2018 Alumni Legacy Grants will be awarded after three deadlines: March 1, June 1 and Septmber 4, 2018

If a grant is not selected during a grant period, it will be rolled into the selection pool for the next 2018 grant cycle. 

For grant recipients, The National FFA Alumni Legacy Grant Report Form is due January 31.

Apply Now:National FFA Alumni Legacy Grants

2017 FFA Alumni Legacy Grant Report Form

2017 FFA Alumni Legacy Grant Recipients

2016 FFA Alumni Legacy Grant Recipients

2016 LPS Grant Recipients

Leadership Scholarships for State Alumni Associations & Local Alumni Chapters

(Effective beginning the 2016-2017 membership year)

National FFA Alumni Leadership Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis according to the total number of life members at the end (August 31) of the previous membership year.

Allocation Formula
(Percent of Investment Account + net income from National FFA Alumni specified fundraisers) / TLM = $ amount per life member


Total Life Membership

Total # Life members at end of previous membership year (August 31)

- (deduct) Inactive State Life membership

-(deduct) State Life membership with <25 life members

Process for Awarding Scholarships:

  1. Local Scholarships will be issued to local affiliates that have at least 100 life members.
  2. State Scholarships will be issued based on total state life members – (minus) those life members awarded to the local level and that meet the following:
    • State must be an active state association
    • State must have a minimum of 25 life members

2015 National FFA Alumni Leadership Scholarship Allocations

2015 Leadership Scholarship Impact Report

2016 National FFA Alumni Leadership Scholarship Allotments

2016 Leadership Scholarship Impact Report

2017 National FFA Alumni Leadership Scholarship Allotments

The Leadership Scholarship Report form can be found in the Reports & Invoices section of the Alumni Leader and State Alumni Staff toolboxes on your FFA Dashboard. All reports are due back to National FFA by October 1 to be eligible for that years scholarships.

College Scholarship for Future Agriculture Teachers

The National FFA Alumni Association, through the National FFA Collegiate Scholarship Program, provides a $1000 scholarships annually to students pursuing degrees in agricultural education. The recipient must be either an active National FFA Alumni member or from an FFA chapter with an active National FFA Alumni affiliate.

For more information about these and other scholarships available through the program, visit our scholarships page from November 15 to February 15.

American FFA Degree Recipients College Scholarships

American FFA Degree recipients who are also National FFA Alumni members are eligible to participate in a drawing for a $1000 college scholarship at the National FFA Convention.

Living to Serve

Living to Serve grants provide an opportunity for FFA and FFA Alumni Chapters to seek funding to support various types of service projects through a competitive application process. For more information about these grants, visit Living to Serve Grants.