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Educator Resources

Educator Resources

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Educator Resources Organized by the 7 Keys of Local Program Success

For questions about Local Program Success, contact your regional specialist

Classroom and laboratory instruction

Supervised Agricultural Experience

The strength of your program rests on your commitment to develop opportunities for students to build skills through hands-on work experiences. These resources will help you meet your students' career interests and goals.

  1. The Official FFA Student Handbook Advisor's Guide Lessons
  2. SAE Templates [download zip file]
  3. SAE Handbook Sections

    1. History of SAE (PDF)
    2. Benefits of SAEs (PDF)
    3. SAE Assessment (PDF)
    4. How SAE Supports Academic Standards (PDF)
    5. Financing an SAE (PDF)
    6. Placement SAE (PDF)
    7. Research SAE (PDF)
    8. Entrepreneurship SAE (PDF)
    9. Exploratory SAE (PDF)
    10. Ag Service-Learning SAE (PDF)
    11. Other SAEs (PDF)
    12. The Correlation Between SAE and FFA (PDF)
    13. Legal and Safety Awareness (PDF)
    14. SAE for Special Needs Students (PDF)
    15. SAE Supervision/Visitation (PDF)
    16. Ideas for Student SAE Activities (PDF)
    17. Ideas for Promoting SAE to Students (PDF)
    18. Ideas for Public Relations of SAE Efforts (PDF)
    19. Ideas for Recognizing Students (PDF)
    20. Tips on best practices (PDF)
    21. Brochure (PDF)
  4. Paper Certificate Templates



Manage your resources to allow you to give more time and attention to facilitating learning. Build partnerships an mobilize volunteers with the school and community to share responsibility for the program.

  1. Partnership Handbook
  2. Food For America
  3. Living to Serve: Instructional Materials
  4. Partners in Active Learning Support Instructional Materials
  5. Today's Challenges; Today's Leaders: Focusing on Diversity, Hunger, Advocacy and Sustainability
  6. Advisory Committee Manual


These tools will assist you in identifying and meeting your key customers' needs, promote your program and plan your program's long-term growth.

  1. Marketing Handbook
  2. Recruitment and Retention Promotional Guide
  3. Broad Fields Bright Futures Videos
    1. Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs)
    2. Partnerships
    3. FFA
    4. Classroom
    5. Agricultural Education

Professional and program growth

Program planning

National Agricultural Education and FFA Inservice

National FFA Youth Protection Guidelines  (National FFA guidelines on protecting our members)