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​High School​​​

High School

Unit 1 – Introduction to Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success

Unit 2 – ME: Focuses on one’s personal development skills and abilities to be successful

Understanding Values, Beliefs, Character and Integrity | (PPT)

Defining Core Values | (PPT)

Understanding Beliefs and Belief Systems | (PPT)

Practicing Honesty | (PPT)

Understanding Responsibility and Accountability | (PPT)

Being Responsible and Accountable

The Benefits of Character and Integrity | (PPT)

The Need for Leaders

How Leaders Influence Others Through Vision | (PPT)

Vision and Personal Success | (PPT)

Visioning Skills | (PPT)

My Decisions and the Opinions of Others | (PPT)

Positive and Negative Influence | (PPT)

Motivation Factors | (PPT)

Taking Risks | (PPT)

Critical Thinking Skills | (PPT)

Applying Critical Thinking | (PPT)

Understanding Creativity | (PPT)

Using Creativity | (PPT)

Understanding Self-worth | (PPT)

Valuing My Contributions | (PPT)

Factors of Self-image | (PPT)

Understanding Career Clusters | (PPT)

Making Decisions about Career Paths | (PPT)

Understanding the Importance of Professional Ethics | (PPT)

The Consequences of Ethics | (PPT)

Professional Ethics and Personal Character | (PPT)

Conducting a Job Search | (PPT)

Developing a Resume | (PPT)

Interviewing Techniques | (PPT)

Keeping a Job | (PPT)

Advancing a Career | (PPT)

Understanding the Use of Time | (PPT)

Life Balance | (PPT)

Strategies for Efficient Time Use | (PPT)

The Benefits of Goal Setting | (PPT)

Goal Setting Strategies | (PPT)

Developing a Plan Using Goals | (PPT)

Evaluating Plans and Goals | (PPT)

The Role of Mentors and Coaches | (PPT)

Building a Relationship with a Mentor/Coach | (PPT)

Communicating with Customers | (PPT)

Unit 3 – WE: Focuses on an individual and his/her relationship with others

Unit 4 – DO: Assists individuals and teams in putting their vision into action

Unit 5 – SERVE: Provides leaders with skills to serve in their community and to grow other individuals in leadership, personal growth and career success

Unit 6 – FFA: Leadership Development specific to FFA

Unit 7 – SAE: Supervised Agricultural Experience