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​Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success Self-Paced Modules

Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success Self-Paced Modules

Successful leaders take responsibility for their own lives and the decisions they make. They approach life proactively taking the initiative, utilizing available resources, and are continually learning and growing.

The e-Learning Modules help students become successful leaders by placing them in the driver seat of their leadership development through interactive, self-paced courses. Three course areas are available – premier leadership, personal growth and career success – and each contains pop-up definitions, informational click-and-reads, journal activities, check-your-understanding games, videos and more. The courses are accessible anywhere students can access the internet.

Note - Adobe Flash Player is required to view. Additionally, an opaque error message comes up when you click into the below modules. Use the "X" in the top right of the module to close out and it will function like normal.


Lesson 1- Introduction to Leadership Development

Lesson 2- Leadership Styles

Lesson 3- Influence

Lesson 4- Followership

Lesson 5- Teamwork

Lesson 6- Vision

Lesson 7- Seeing The Need

Lesson 8- Decision-Making

Lesson 9- Service/Advocacy

Lesson 10- Service-Learning

Personal Growth:

Lesson 1- Introduction to Personal Growth

Lesson 2- Confidence In Your Body

Lesson 3- Confidence In Your Mind

Lesson 4- Confidence In Expressing Your Emotions

Lesson 5- Confidence In Your Relationships

Lesson 6- Discovering Professional Growth

Career Success:

Lesson 1- Ag Careers 101

Lesson 2- Training and Preparation

Lesson 3- Tools to Get a Job: Resumes and Cover Letters

Lesson 4- Tools to Get a Job: Interview Techniques

Lesson 5- Business Communications

Lesson 6- I Have a Job... Now What?

Lesson 7- Professionalism

Lesson 8- Define and Advance My Career