Start a Collegiate FFA Chapter


A Collegiate FFA chapter is a great asset to any college or university. Collegiate FFA members work together to find opportunities where they can connect with employers and industry leaders who can give the guidance they need to develop into top-notch professionals.

Any college student, instructor, former FFA member or FFA Alumni member can be the catalyst that is needed to start a chapter.

Laying the Foundation

A strong, well-organized Collegiate FFA begins with a strong nucleus. Any college student, instructor, former FFA member or FFA Alumni member associated with a college can be the catalyst that is needed to start a local chapter. Three to five individuals can be the key to starting a Collegiate FFA chapter. Whether you have previous FFA experience or not, anyone with a strong interest in agriculture education and youth leadership can provide a strong foundation to your new program.

Contact Key People

Starting a new Collegiate FFA chapter does take a little work and a couple conversations with key individuals before you can start officially meeting as a chapter.

  • Contact your state FFA association and explain your interest in establishing a Collegiate FFA chapter. They may have resources available to help you.
  • Contact National Collegiate FFA for information about chartering a chapter.
  • Discuss the intentions of the chapter with your school’s administration and find out about requirements for starting a chapter on campus.

Call an Organizational Meeting

Once you’ve selected a core group of supporters, call them together for an organizational meeting. At this meeting, a framework can be established for developing a local Collegiate FFA chapter. The agenda for this organizational meeting may include:

  • Discuss the purpose and benefits of a local Collegiate FFA Chapter at your school
  • Review the procedure for chartering a local Collegiate FFA Chapter
  • Review membership eligibility and membership potential within your college or university
  • Appoint an acting chairperson lead chartering process
  • Decide on a date, time and location for the first general meeting
  • Make a list of potential members and divvy up the responsibility of personally contacting each one.
  • Develop a tentative set of bylaws prior to the organizational meeting

Announce the Meeting

One of the keys to a successful organizational meeting is to publicize the meeting as much as possible.

  • Place an announcement in the local newspaper or university paper.
  • Make announcements in all agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources courses at your college.
  • Post signs announcing the Collegiate FFA organizational meeting.
  • Contact agricultural fraternities or sororities on your campus.
  • Contact potential members in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

Organizational Meeting

The idea of starting a Collegiate FFA chapter must be sold to all the college students in attendance at the organizational meeting. Be sure to make note that Collegiate FFA cannot be exactly the same as high school FFA. College students are busy with classes, studying, working and socializing with friends. Asking them to give up more of their time for another organization can be a difficult task. The agenda for the organization meeting may include:

  • Temporary chairperson presents the purpose of the meeting and describe the benefits of chartering a Collegiate FFA chapter.
  • Handout promotional materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) 
  • Ask a college faculty member to give a presentation about ways Collegiate FFA can benefit college students and local FFA members.
  • Elect a permanent chairperson.
  • Elect additional officers.
  • Vote on whether or not to adopt the proposed chapter bylaws.
  • Collect membership dues.
  • Select a committee to develop a Program of Activities for presentation at the next chapter meeting.
  • Set the date, time and location for the next chapter meeting.