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Membership has its privileges.
Why should you be a member of Collegiate FFA? The real question is "Why not?”

Being a member of Collegiate FFA helps you get the most out of your college experience. You’ll put your leadership skills into practice through service and engagement activities on your campus and in your community.

You’ll also develop into a better leader, grow as young professional, network with top employers and industry leaders, and meet a lot of great people!

How to Become a Member

First, find a Collegiate FFA Chapter near you.
Check to see if you school has chapter. If not, find out if there’s another nearby school with a chapter that accepts off-campus members.

Once you find a chapter, pay your local, state, and national dues and you’re a full-fledged Collegiate FFA Member!

National dues are $7.

Need help finding a Collegiate FFA Chapter?

Don’t have a Collegiate FFA Chapter near you?
Consider starting one yourself!​​