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As a parent, you’re the biggest influence in your teenagers’ lives. FFAs purpose is to reinforce all the values you’re already teaching them at home. We ask all FFA members to set goals, work hard, and serve others. We also encourage them to discover their unique talents and use them to build a successful and satisfying career.


Who We Are

FFA is an integral part of a well-rounded, three-part agricultural education program.  FFA’s focuses on your child’s development as a leader and a professional. The other two parts of the agricultural education program, Instruction and SAE, focus on teaching your child technical skills and knowledge and providing them with hands-on learning experiences. 



Help your son or daughter learn the importance of setting goals, and working hard to reach them by getting them involved in FFA award programs.



Your son or daughter will learn valuable leadership and interpersonal skills when they attend FFA conferences.



Each year the National FFA Organization gives out close to $2 million in scholarship money. Encourage your son or daughter to apply!​​​

FFA New Horizons

FFA New Horizons magazine highlights FFA member achievements, promotes careers in the agriculture industry, prepares students for college, offers life lessons and more. ​Subscription is free to dues-paying National FFA members.

Want to see your son or daughter’s face in FFA New Horizons? Nominate them for FFA Faces . If they’re selected, they could win a prize!

New Horizons Digital Issue

Carry FFA New Horizons with you, wherever you go! The official FFA member magazine is now available for FREE download on your Apple, Android or Kindle device. All pages have been redesigned for optimal viewing on a tablet or mobile device. Subscribe (for free!) to the tablet app to be notified when the new issues are posted. Quick links to each tablet version are available at, or you can search within the store on your device.

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Looking for the perfect gift for your FFA member? Visit Shop FFA! Maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself while you’re there. Proceeds from all purchases fund FFA programs and events.

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Keep up with FFA happenings and connect with other FFA parents through our online channels.

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Get Involved

Are you proud of things your son or daughter is accomplishing through FFA? Then, please consider showing your support for FFA. You can join the National FFA Alumni Association, even if you were never a member yourself. Contact the National FFA Alumni Association , your state FFA Alumni association , or your local FFA chapter   to find out more about how you can get involved.



Would you like help us make sure more students across the U.S. can have the same amazing opportunities your teenager has had through FFA? Then please consider making a donation  to the National FFA Foundation. Any gift, no matter how big or small, can  make a difference.



Check the Volunteer page regularly for current National FFA volunteer opportunities.