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Grants For Growing Budget Page

Budget Guidelines

  • Be specific and quantifiable for line items

  • Ensure that items listed in your budget are discussed in your grant narratives

  • Ensure the TOTAL amount equals a whole dollar amount. CORRECT = 100.00; INCORRECT = $99.68

Funding Guidelines

Allowable Expense Examples

  • Transportation to and from service sites

  • Educational outreach materials

  • Vegetation - Ex: fruits, vegetables, trees, seeds, etc.

  • Other expendable materials - Ex: chicks, feed, mulch, etc.

  • Small Equipment Purchases - Ex: tiller, tools, etc.

  • Portable storage

Non-Allowable Expense Examples

  • Stipends or scholarships to students or the chapter

  • Indirect costs (cost of administering the grant funds)

  • Food items/drives

  • Travel to or from state or national convention

  • T-shirts and giveaways

  • FFA dress    

Categories to Include

Non-Expendable Equipment Costs

  • Items having a useful life of more than one year. Examples include small tools, tiller, etc.

Materials & Supplies

  • Expendable items having a useful life up to one year. Examples include educational outreach materials, seeds, soil, etc.

Marketing & Communication

  • Any materials used for advertising or publicizing the project. Examples include brochures, flyers, etc.


  • Costs to travel to sites related to project outcomes. Examples include travel to service sites, presentations, etc.


  • Any other anticipated costs that are not included above. Examples include, equipment rental, animal medicines, animal feed, etc.