Middle School Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum

This curriculum was designed to engage today’s emerging and intermediate agriculture student in a collaborative, fun and savvy way.

This middle school curriculum includes more than 150 free lesson plans—that’s a year’s worth of introductory agriculture content bundled into one location. These lessons are great for building your students’ agricultural literacy and awareness and their appreciation for it.

Students who are agriculturally literate know

  • Where their food comes from
  • The technical foundation in the science of food, agriculture and natural resources fields.
  • The building blocks to prepare for the food, agricultural, natural resource and science-based working environments

Each lesson plan is...

  • Aligned to AFNR and the national core standards
  • Equipped with worksheets, answer sheets, rubrics and collaborative activities
  • Scripted, to guide discussion and follow-up questions

Built for your convenience.

  • Use the entire curriculum, a unit, a few lessons or a single lesson
  • Choose any lesson to supplement your existing instruction without having to teach neighboring lessons
  • Pick any activity, game, worksheet or rubric to add to your current instruction