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New Resources to Make SAEs Come to Life

With the development from the Council SAE Committee and adoption of the "Philosophy and Guiding Principles for Execution of the Supervised Agricultural Experience Component of the Total School Based Agricultural Education Program" by the Council Board the needed framework is in place to boost SAE participation. Utilizing the guiding principles and identifying the needs of students, teachers and local communities are the next steps to ensuring increased success in implementing SAE as a vital component of the total agricultural education program.

The Council SAE committee is finalizing plans for the SAE Summit to be held in Omaha, Neb., Sept. 25-27. The goals for the meeting are to identify practical options of how NCAE's SAE Philosophy and Guiding Principles can be implemented in a local agricultural education program and to develop a prioritized list of tools and resources needed to facilitate local implementation. Those invited to attend will be teachers, teacher educators, state staff and those professional organizations currently developing SAE resources for experiential learning. There will be a number of topics discussed and boiled down to ensure answers are identified for next steps. Some of the topics will include:

  • What does SAE supervision look like in today's environment?
  • Skill attainment, competency development and implementation of modern day SAE programs.
  • Clarification of the new types of SAEs. (What each area /enterprise is and what it is not.)
  • Desired outcomes and defining school-based and service-learning SAEs.
  • True motivation for students and teachers to implement SAEs.
  • The value of an SAE and how to quantify results (individual recognition for accomplishments and formalizing industry recognized credentials).
  • Identification of partnerships and resources to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in an educational SAE leading them through personal growth and career success.

The National Council for Agricultural Education looks forward to sharing their summit results and next steps to develop a prioritized list of tools and resources needed to facilitate local implementation.

Return here for updated information. The Council will also have a workshop at the 2016 NAAE Convention to provide an overview and share information on resources that will be developed in the near future.