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What is #SpeakAg?

#SpeakAg is more than a hashtag. It's a way of thinking. It's a movement. It's a language.

The 2014-15 National FFA Officer Team has issued a challenge to FFA members everywhere. It's simple: FFA members need to lead their communities in the language and understanding of agriculture. By taking the knowledge learned in the classroom, the knowledge learned through supervised agricultural experiences and the knowledge learned through every other FFA activity, FFA members can bring insightful, first-hand experience to inform their communities.

It's no different than learning a second language or specialized technical skills. By becoming fluent in agriculture and sharing their knowledge, FFA members can make a major difference in the communications gap that exists between producers and consumers.

FFA members can help the world #SpeakAg! Will you join the effort?

Ideas how you can #SpeakAg:


  1. Post on social media using #FarmFactFriday
  2. Attend a local or state forum on agriculture
  3. Share an ag related news article or blog on social media
  4. After researching a topic, respond to a blog post with your respectful stance
  5. Host an SAE visit day. Use this day to showcase the specific area of ag that you are interested in. Invite friends, family, teachers, etc.
  6. Conduct an exploratory SAE, over a period of time, in an area of agriculture that you are unfamiliar with
  7. Answer questions in the “World Hunger” subject matter on www.FreeRice.com, post your records on social media (ex. Feed the world and sharpen your brain #winning)
  8. Watch a food or ag related documentary and write a short response or blog post to post on social media
  9. Share or re-post your favorite story from FFA New Horizons or the “Recent News” section at the bottom of the FFA.org webpage
  10. Write a paper for one of your class assignments (outside of ag class) on an agricultural topic


  1. All School Announcement
  2. Teach a lesson to an elementary class
  3. Invite the Middle School over for an Ag Day
  4. Hang flyers up in hallways
  5. Invite a friend to chapter meeting day
  6. Where does your lunch come from? Field to Fork
  7. When given the option to pick your topic in other class assignments, choose ag
  8. PALS Program
  9. SAE Share Day
  10. School Farmers Market (utilize greenhouse crops, student SAEs, local farmers)


  1. Host a Farmers Market
  2. Ad in your local newspaper
  3. Set up a booth at the courthouse
  4. Farmer Appreciation Dinner
  5. Local Ag Day
  6. Local Ag Petting Zoo
  7. Fly an FFA Flag
  8. Sell local produce and donate funds to chapter
  9. Invite mayor to chapter banquet
  10. Porchlights on for Ag


  1. Reach out to your Secretary/Commissioner of Agriculture and discuss current challenges in agriculture.
  2. Contact your state and/or national Senators and Representatives and discuss issues and opportunities in agriculture
  3. Invite your state and/or national Senators and Representatives to visit FFA Chapter
  4. Get in touch with your local extension agent and discuss agricultural topics (ex. youth involvement, local issues, local jobs, community gardens)
  5. Post pictures from your states FFA or Ag day in the capital, if your state doesn’t have one take the steps to start one.
  6. Reach out to involved agricultural supporters and learn about their Ag story
  7. Invite agricultural advisors/lobbyists to speak at an event or in classroom about current Ag policy and challenges facing agriculture
  8. Post on social media your personal Ag story #SpeakAg
  9. Take information from credible agricultural supporters and create an action plan on bridging the gap between producers and consumers
  10. Come up with your own creative way to involve government outreach and educating the public about agriculture. Make sure and do your research before you begin the journey

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