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SpeakAg Teachers
Promotion Ideas

Encourage students to use the ‘Advocacy Activities’ above to kickstart their advocacy efforts. These are only recommendations and students should be encouraged to be creative with their advocacy efforts and to diversify their audiences.


Self- Students should focus on personal growth of knowledge about advocacy. Students should focus on “what is advocacy?” and “why do we advocate?”

School- Students should focus on sharing the story of agriculture with their peers and teachers at school.

Community- Students should be encouraged to engage with consumers in their community. Specific focus should be on the non-ag public.

Government- Students should advance their advocacy skills by engaging with local, state, and national decision makers. Government officials are often receptive to interaction with students.

How to Promote Participation to Students

  1. Incorporate into curriculum
  2. Incorporate into interaction with technology
  3. Incorporate into classroom visuals
  4. Encourage students to engage with their peers at school

How to Promote Participation to the Public

  1. Share a story about student advocacy efforts with local news outlets
  2. Encourage other teachers and parents to participate in student advocacy efforts
  3. Use #SpeakAg yourself to share the message of agriculture with other teachers and administration

Other Resources

The National FFA Officer team developed the #SpeakAg Student workshop. It is designed to teach students the fundamentals of advocacy through interactive and engaging activities that are easily adapted to classroom and co-curricular situations.