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"We believe that when we amplify the voices of our student members and equip them with the tools they need to be successful advocates, we can bridge the gap between producers and consumers and as a result create a healthier dialogue about agriculture across the nation and around the world. Join us in championing the story of agriculture."

 – 2014-2015 National FFA Officer Team


#SpeakAg allows students to post pictures, videos, stories, or remarks about how they are learning about or engaging in agricultural advocacy. They can submit their social media posts to the National FFA Organization as part of the #SpeakAg Challenge.

This effort is focused around social media and its power to engage audiences. Students will be encouraged to post on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) using #SpeakAg.

Background and Origination

The 2014-2015 National FFA Officer team has chosen agricultural advocacy as the cause for their Legacy Project this year. With advocacy as a focus, we have collaborated with the National Officer team in developing the #SpeakAg challenge and initiative. What began as a simple idea has developed into an opportunity to share the collective message of FFA and agriculture using social media and other tools.

Public Involvement

All members of the general public are encouraged to use #SpeakAg in their efforts in advocacy and to share the story of agriculture. We believe social media can provide a great environment for dialogue around agriculture and the production of food, fiber, and fuel.

Use #SpeakAg and share your agriculture story.

The National FFA Organization Agricultural Literacy and Advocacy Platform

Based on insight and feedback from a diverse set of stakeholders the National FFA Organization has further realized its responsibility to include literacy and advocacy as foundational skills for their student members as these young leaders imagine the future of our industry.

The agriculture literacy and advocacy platform seeks to develop and deliver a suite of skills including effective communication, critical thinking, civic comprehension, and holistic understanding. Our student members are not only future consumers themselves, but will be powerful influencers of consumer awareness.

The #SpeakAg initiative and challenge serve as a catalysts for conversation around the concepts of agricultural literacy and advocacy. We look forward to using #SpeakAg as a launching point for the efforts described above.