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SAE Grants

SAE Grants

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Grants of $1,000 to start or expand member SAEs are available. The SAE Grant application process opens September 5 and closes November 15. Eligible grant applications are scored and the grant recipients are announced mid-December.

The number and type of grants available changes each year based on sponsor participation. In 2017 there are 33 different grants with 152 total grants available.

Who can apply?

FFA members who wish to initiate or improve their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) can apply for an SAE grant.

  • Applicants must be current FFA members in good standing.
  • Applicants must be in grades 7-12.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

How are grant recipients selected?

Grant recipients will be selected by the SAE Grants committee.

Grants are awarded based primarily on financial need. The advisor’s statement is crucially important in establishing the financial need and eligibility of the applicant.

SAE Grant Career Pathways

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When applying for a grant, select the career pathway which best fits your SAE.

The number of SAE ideas that can be categorized in each of the career pathways is nearly limitless. So, if you don't find an exact match for your project in any of our lists or documents, don't worry. Most SAEs do fit into one of the general categories.

  • Agribusiness Systems
    • Agricultural Communications
    • Agricultural Education
    • Agricultural Sales
    • Agricultural Services
    • Emerging Agricultural Technology
  • Animal Systems
    • Beef Production
    • Dairy Production
    • Diversified Livestock Production
    • Equine Science
    • Poultry Production
    • Sheep Production
    • Small Animal Production and Care
    • Specialty Animal Production
    • Swine Production
  • Environmental Service/Natural Resources Systems
    • Aquaculture
    • Emerging Agricultural Technology
    • Environmental Science and Natural Resources
    • Forest Management and Products
    • Home and/or Community Development
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Wildlife Production and Management
  • Food Products and Processing Systems
    • Agricultural Processing
    • Food Science and Technology
  • Plant Systems
    • Diversified Agricultural Production
    • Diversified Crop Production
    • Diversified Horticulture
    • Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production
    • Floriculture
    • Forage Production
    • Fruit Production
    • Grain Production
    • Landscape Management
    • Nursery Operations
    • Specialty Crop Production
    • Turf Grass Management
    • Vegetable Production
  • Power, Structural & Technical Systems
    • Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication
    • Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems
    • Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance
    • Home and/or Community Development (if applicable to this area)

Mid Year Report

All grant recipients are required to submit a mid-year progress report by June 30 detailing the use of the grant funds.

SAE Grant Sponsors

See the 2017 SAE Grant Sponsors