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​Reaching New Heights​​​

Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights lesson plans are designed to be used to teach a course in leadership or train your chapter officer team. They can be used in sequence, or you can pick and choose to fit your program.

Unit 1: Self Management

This unit focuses on personal responsibility, critical thinking, decision making skills, time and stress management as well as our individual role as citizens.

Lesson 1.1 - Personal Responsibility

Lesson 1.2 - Thinking Critically and Making Decisions

Lesson 1.3 - Managing Time and Stress

Lesson 1.4 - Citizenship

Unit 2: Understanding Myself as an Individual

This unit focuses on self-concept, self-evaluation; understanding personal strengths and weaknesses and discusses ethics and values.

Lesson 2.1 - Self-Concept and Motivation

Lesson 2.2 - Self Evaluation

Lesson 2.3 - Ethics and Values - A

Lesson 2.4 - Ethics and Values - B

Lesson 2.5 - Ethics and Values - C

Unit 3: Setting Goals

This unit's lessons center around setting individual and group goals and evaluating progress.

Lession 3.1 - How to Set Value-Based Goals

Lession 3.2 - Personal and Group Goals

Unit 4: Preparing for the Future

Unit four focuses on interview skills and developing a portfolio.

Lession 3.1 - How to Set Value-Based Goals

Lession 3.2 - Personal and Group Goals

Unit 5: Social Skills

This unit focuses on first impressions, proper etiquette and building new relationships.

Lesson 5.1 - You Never Have a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Lesson 5.2 - Meeting People - A

Lesson 5.2 - Meeting People - B

Lesson 5.4 - Etiquette - A

Lesson 5.5 - Etiquette - B

Lesson 5.6 - Respectful Behavior

Unit 6: Group Dynamics

Working in groups can be a challenge; this unit focuses on relating to others, leadership styles, conflict resolution, building trust and forming and maintaining successful committees.

Lesson 6.1 - Relating to Others

Lesson 6.2 - Leadership Styles

Lesson 6.3 - Conflict Resolution

Lesson 6.4 - Building Trust

Lesson 6.5 - Building Teams

Lesson 6.6 - Committees

Unit 7: Diversity

This unit helps students to value multiculturalism within their classrooms and communities.

Lesson 7.1 - Diversity and Valuing Multiculturalism

Unit 8: Partnerships

This unit introduces students to the various partnerships that are valuable for an FFA chapter; with other student organizations, community groups and business and industry.

Lesson 8.1: Partnerships

Unit 9: Chapter Organization

This unit will help students develop a program of activities, building a chapter schedule and project planning. There are lessons on membership recruitment and creating a chapter constitution.

Lesson 9.1 - Developing the Program of Activities

Lesson 9.2 - Project Pedigree

Lesson 9.3 - Building the Chapter Schedule

Lesson 9.4 - Puzzle Project Planning

Lesson 9.5 - Membership Development

Lesson 9.6 - Chapter Constitution

Unit 10: Running Effective Meetings

This unit will help your students understand the ins-and-outs of running an effective chapter meeting.

Lesson 10.1 - Running Effective Meetings

Unit 11: Special FFA Events

Purposely assist your students in preparing for leadership workshops, retreats, the FFA banquet and FFA Week with these grab-and-go lessons.

Lesson 11.1 - Leadership Workshops

Lesson 11.2 - Leadership Retreats

Lesson 11.3 - Planning the Banquet

Lesson 11.4 - National FFA Week