ffa2015 New SAE Resources
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New SAE for All Student and Teacher Guides

The National Council for Agricultural Education is pleased to release two new resources to help local agricultural education instructors implement the NCAE. SAE Philosophy and Guiding Principles released in 2015.  

stdentsaehbook.pngThe Student Guide is designed to help students understand that in agricultural education, learning does not start and stop at the classroom door! It introduces students to the many opportunities to learn and develop real-world skills outside of the classroom and beyond the school day. This guide will provide students and parents: 

  • Clarity about what an SAE is and how it works
  • A roadmap to get on the correct SAE path
  • An understanding of how an SAE provides Real Learning for a Real Future!

teachersaehbook.pngThe Teacher Guide provides additional clarity and details about expectations for student learning outcomes. It also includes tools and frameworks to guide implementation. It is meant to supplement the SAE for All Student Guide and provide teachers practical guidance, tools and examples to do the following:

  • Help students understand what an SAE is, the value it provides and how to get started
  • Ensure all students enrolled in agricultural education courses have an SAE
  • Connect SAE to school priorities
  • Integrate SAE into classroom grading system

In these guides, you will find answers to the most pressing questions for providing high-quality SAEs to all students.