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National Officers

National Officers

Current National FFA Officer Team


Keisto Lucero
Curriculum and Process Development

Kim Henry
Applications and Logistics

Service: That's what holding an FFA office, whether it is a chapter, state or national, is all about. Service means giving assistance to another or in this case, to your chapter, state or the National FFA Organization for the benefit of fellow FFA members.

Every state and even every chapter have a way that they select their officers and the national organization has their own way to select national officers, too. The organization commissioned an extensive study on the qualities, known as competencies that all officers need to succeed. We are sharing these with you here so your chapter and state can access the same criteria used in selecting national officers.

The National FFA Organization believes that every member should have an equal chance at chapter, state and national office and this website will make the selection process for national and ideally state and local officers completely transparent. That means the competencies will detail what you need to succeed as an officer. You can read about them and create your own personal growth plan, today. We are providing a resource to state and local chapters that includes all materials related to the selection of national officers and additional resources for selecting individuals to serve in a leadership capacity at all levels.

Every state and local chapter can utilize this web page to create selection processes that mirror the rigors and relevance of the national FFA officer selection process. Ultimately, we hope to promote growth in student leadership. Currently a chapter and even state officer, experiences vary significantly from state to state. While every state officer has the opportunity to attend national leadership conference for state officers, (NLCSO) and Blast Off, levels of experience in officers vary significantly depending upon your state of origin. Some state officers experience several full days as a workshop presenter and others may visit corporate leaders extensively. Likewise, life as a local officer can vary from chapter to chapter.

Universally, it is important for all chapter officers to work well with their team of officers. Chapter officers are charged with the interest of the chapter and its members. As a chapter officer, you serve as a leader and role model for all members and work to ensure that they are engaged in chapter activities. Through collaboration with your FFA advisor and connecting with community, you will gain valuable and diverse experience and skills. This web page, complete with the eight specific competencies and resources, will help to level the playing field and give each of you the knowledge you need to create your own individual education plan for election to an FFA office.

Running for office is exciting and fun and at the same time, it can be a bit scary, right? Well with this new information, you can create your very own plan for attaining a local, state or perhaps even a national office. Your role as an officer is to guide and inspire others as the key messenger for agriculture education and the FFA. Maybe you know someone who is a state officer or even a national officer. Seems as though they are living a life of glamour and glory but it’s not always true. There’s the behind the scenes reality that includes hard work, commitment and a passion for service.​