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National Officer Selection Process

National Officer Selection Process

Keisto Lucero
Curriculum and Process Development

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Applications and Logistics

It takes a highly motivated person to become a successful national FFA officer—an opportunity afforded to few members. If you want to be a national officer, take time now to learn about your passions and gain a better understanding of what life as a national officer is really like. A life of glamour and glory—maybe, but the truth is that as a national officer, your life is non-stop hard work and never-ending commitments.

Talk to past national FFA officers (this is a great way to learn more about the office), and most everyone will tell you that the rewards of serving our great organization and holding a position of influence with nearly half a million FFA members was a life changing experience—one they will cherish forever.

They'll tell you that maintaining their intense travel schedules and countless commitments often with inadequate amounts of sleep and minimal personal time was extremely challenging. Life on the road can be lonely during state convention season and frustrating just getting where you need to go. There are hundreds of nights spent in hotels and many meals eaten on the run. Connecting with friends and family and taking some time (even 15 minutes daily) can make a positive difference in your year.

As a national officer, you might think that you will be with FFA members most of the year, but in reality, a little more than one-third of your year is spent with members. During other months, you may be gaining knowledge in training, meeting with partners or serving on the board of directors. Some parts you may like more than others. To be sure, whatever you do as a national officer, you influence members’ lives in a positive light.

Perhaps the best part of becoming a national officer are the bonds you build with your other five teammates, national FFA staff and most of all FFA members throughout our great nation. National officers meet friends and mentors—often these relationships last a lifetime.

With each national office comes tremendous responsibility because a great many people will depend upon you to follow through and honor your commitments. With so many tasks, it is incredibly challenging to prioritize your workload but when you figure out a way to solve that challenge, it is extremely rewarding.

One of the most amazing and perhaps unexpected joys of holding national office is the inevitable transformation that occurs in individuals because of their year of service. Talk about personal growth! The thousands of people you meet from Tokyo to Toledo and the varied experiences you share inspire profound growth and maturity in most every officer.

Check out the documents below to gather some key information about being a National FFA Officer.


National Officer Selection Process Handbook

2017 Candidate Schedule